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Re: [Yuricon] Today's Random Yuri-Spotting Post

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  • Ashley
    ... I dislike the way they changed the names in teh English version, there wasnt any reason to do that. Alister is *the* stupidest name change for a girl...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2005
      redadmiral66 wrote:

      > Heya.
      > Saw something yuri-ish today and thought I should share it with
      > everyone. Nothing major, I'm afraid; in fact, it's so minor I feel
      > kind of guilty about dedicating a whole post to it. But hey, it's on
      > topic, and posting here beats writing out introduction speeches for
      > my classes next week. :)
      > The yuri-ish thing in question is from Last Exile, Gonzo's steampunk
      > adventure series from a couple of years back. I don't remember it
      > being discussed here, probably because of the incidental nature of
      > the yuri. For those who don't know the series, it's basically
      > implied, quite cleverly (through exchanged looks, tones of voice,
      > old photographs and the like), that there's *something* between
      > Tatiana and Alister (yes, she *is* a girl; everyone calls her Alis),
      > one of the fighter pilot/navigator pairs. At minimum, Alis is in
      > love with Tatiana, and there's most likely some
      > awareness/reciprocation of this on Tatiana's part. I personally
      > think that they're a couple, at least by the series' end, but that's
      > just me.
      > Anyway, the point: the Tsutaya in my town has the Last Exile VHS
      > editions for rent. Each volume has an original piece of Murata's
      > artwork showing each character in turn, plus a brief description of
      > them, which is helpfully in English. Vol.4 is Alis. The character
      > description is mostly stuff revealed in the series (she dropped out
      > of the naval academy and joined the Silvana to be with Tatiana;
      > she's quiet but strong-willed; etc). The final sentence, however,
      > is completely unrelated to the rest of the description, and
      > pointedly states (and here I quote directly) 'She has no interest in
      > the male crewmembers'. The artwork accompanying this has her and
      > Tatiana, arms locked together and smiling coyly. Either of these
      > things by itself is a fairly strong hint, but together? I think we
      > have a winner, folks. (A small-sized version of the artwork, with a
      > different background, can be seen here:
      > http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/40996/ , BTW.)
      > So, yeah, that's it. Nothing dramatic; plus, it's a (comparatively)
      > old series, and Alis is on The List already, but official
      > confirmation is still nice, I think. I'd reccommend that people
      > watch the series in any case; it's pretty damn good, and the artwork
      > is absolutely beautiful.
      > And now, back to the introduction speeches...

      I dislike the way they changed the names in teh English version, there
      wasnt any reason to do that. Alister is *the* stupidest name change for
      a girl... what was wrong with Ailistria in the Japanese version? And the
      name they gave to Moran Shetland and Arvis Hamilton are equaly asinine.
      I dont remember what tehy gave to Claus and Lavi, (if any) though...

      But yeah, Alistria and Tatiana are the yuri couple in the series,
      although one could say that Arvis that duke madosien's daughter are a
      yuri couple in the last episode... but that would just be loli... heh

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