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Re: [Yuricon] Maria-sama Rose Families

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  • Reticia
    ... A fansite I visited described the Yellows as the Oddballs. What else can describe a Rose who always seems so ditzy, a Mr. Lillian who s the most girly girl
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 27, 2005
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      On 8/27/05, Jamie <tigrisataica@...> wrote:
      > *Spoilers for those who've yet to watch Maria-sama ga miteru and haru*
      > Yellow Rose Family: Now here's an unpredictable bunch if I do say so
      > myself. It was like someone had to reach into a bag full of random
      > junk and pick out three pieces without looking and then try to fit
      > them altogether. Eriko's tendency to be attracted to things that are
      > very unusual really sparked my theory in that. Being that as it is,
      > you can't really predict Rei's personality then, because she's nothing
      > like Eriko. And look at Yoshino... completely opposite of Rei. I'd
      > be lying if I said that I wasn't at all interested in who Yoshino's
      > pick of seour will be... because I COMPLETELY AM! *hehe* Everytime I
      > form a theory, like: Yoshino likes to butt heads, so she may pick a
      > difficult seour or since Yoshino is so domineering she may pick a weak
      > seour or something completely different from those, I think... I just
      > can't really know at this point. Their personalities are just...
      > non-meshing and yet they make it work.
      > And I'm at a loss for words... I almost feel like there isn't much to
      > analyze here. Putting together the information in a neat and ordered
      > form from the yellow rose family is like attempting to make
      > sugar-filled kids sit down and be quiet... just ain't going to happen.
      > (at least, not in my head).

      A fansite I visited described the Yellows as the Oddballs. What else
      can describe a Rose who always seems so ditzy, a Mr. Lillian who's the
      most girly girl in the school (expert knitter, baker, romance novels
      fan), and a bouton en souer who's a tomboy in disguise as a demure
      young girl with a heart defect?

      The site even has information on those who haven't appeared in the
      Haru series, ie Yoshino's future souer, who looks to be another wierdo
      again (heh). And Yumi's obsessed stalker, Kanako. But its chock-full
      of SPOILERS, so this is a warning in advance.

      The link: (http://www.geocities.com/marianaisho/characters/index.htm)

      Your description of the White Roses is quite interesting. I do think
      they spend a ridiculous amount of effort in choosing a souer, or not
      at all. But it just goes to show how much importance those of the
      White Roses family put in a person whom they'll be handing their
      responsibilities (or lackthereof? coughSeicough) over to.
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