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ADULT! Crimson Climax. Real Yuri?

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  • Jeyl
    Hi, Ted here with another adult title I d just thought I d bring up. This ones called Crimson Climax. And for those of you who haven t heard about it, it s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2005
      Hi, Ted here with another adult title I'd just thought I'd bring up.

      This ones called Crimson Climax. And for those of you who haven't heard about it, it's quite the yuri filled hentai title. 



      Ok. Before I start, I might as well address how much yuri is in this title. There's a lot of it. In fact, I think it has it all. Yuri love, Yuri deception, Yuri betrayal, Yuri longing, Yuri incest (mercifully short) and Yuri TORTURE! There are no less than four characters in this anime that are lesbians. Well, four and a half. The main ones include our hero Ryo, our psycho path 15 year old looking villain, our hero's love interest, and a servant girl who is involved with a deceitful woman who is unfortunately straight. So straight it seems, she actually kills her in a crimson climax like fashion for some ceremony. Hey, for once a hentai title fits wit the plot!

      The whole story takes place on this island where Ryo is visiting. We have this girl who looks no older than 15, has a thing for Ryo so badly that she throw a fit when anyone looks at her, and has these weird stitches around her tummy that aren't well sealed. We also have a blue haired, glasses wearing maid servant who helps Ryo with pretty much everything, but has a really hard time holding in her emotions. As the story goes on, strange things start to happen to our cast of characters. For those of you who don't have a strong stomach, be warned. This title contains very bloody sacrificial ceremonies, bondage torture, blood letting, tendon pulling, wound squeezing, eye tearing, limb ripping, water sporting, and straight sex! To be perfectly honest, the stuff I've described isn't all that graphic. 

      So if you're looking for a title that has it all when it comes to Yuri, this might be it. You also miss two things that plague most hentai titles that have yuri content. First, there are no D-girls, and the yuri characters are yuri characters. 

      Sure the ending may be a downer for some, but i don't think it ends there. The website that hosts the site looks like it's a three episode show. And besides, if it is the ending, it's still a Yuri centered ending, and that's what counts. Right?

      Here's Central park Media's site for it.

      And here's Japanese site.

      Be careful, these sites contain adult content. Viewer discretion advised.

      And now here it is. Your moment of Zen.
      Mike Nelson: We're goin' campin' and you're gonna watch.
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