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Re: [Yuricon] Re: new Lililicious releases - Claudine part D and Mist one-shot

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  • Royi Eltink
    ... Really? If we re talking emancipation, in the eyes of most Dutch sociologists and feminists, The Netherlands is, on an European perspective, better
    Message 1 of 17 , May 25, 2005
      James wrote:
      > Interesting. I expected going to europe to be a better symbol of
      > becoming a lesbian. After all, Hollan is known for the most equal
      > male/female treatments.

      Really? If we're talking emancipation, in the eyes of most Dutch
      sociologists and feminists, The Netherlands is, on an European
      perspective, better nicknamed "The Afghanistan of Europe".

      But then again, the Dutch are also known for their boasting skills ;).

      And would we be talking about the gay-tolerance, I can rant about that
      for like hours... but that's an entirely different topic.
      Basically, one might indeed state that the tolerance towards gays in
      this country is quite good. But people tend to confuse "tolerance" with
      the "as-long-as-I-don't-notice" menthality. And the last one seems to be
      linked to the definition of decency most people have. Like the Amsterdam
      Gay Pride, I'm not a big fan of that, and I'm sure 99.99% of the parents
      on this world wouldn't like it if they saw their son/daughter making out
      while dancing half-naked on a boat for the world to see, at the evening
      news. I consider it also a bit of hypocricy when everyone consider it
      justice when a waiter of an restaurant gets fined for kicking out two
      lesbians who were kissing in his restaurant, while basically no-one
      would want to see me tongue-wrestling with some handsome lad (don't you
      dare try imagining that) in a restaurant... I'm not sure how many would
      still have appetite after seeing that (letssay, zilch). But I'm damn
      sure that there'll be a waiter within 5 seconds yelling: "safe that
      stuff for when you're home!"
      But sometimes, the border where tolerance ends and hypocricy starts is
      just too vague to be named. For example, one of my best friends, a young
      divorced mother of one, is known (her mother even says "notorious") for
      having only gays as her male best friends. But when the subject gets to
      homosexuality she admits that if her daughter would turn out to be
      lesbian "it'd be sooo damn sad".

      Anyway, I don't even consider Amsterdam "The Gay Capital" of Europe,
      commercials made that up. I mean, Berlin, London, Paris and especially
      Istanbul are waaaay bigger on this sort of thing.

      The only difference between there and here might be that people talk
      about it far more openly than in other countries. And that most of the
      people have accepted that gays and lesbians are, and will be, part of

      Just my 2 eurocents...

      - Uncle Ro'
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