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Yuri Hentai that means something, dangit!

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  • Jeyl
    You know you re in trouble when you don t do research. Geez. 28? Hmmm. What was I thinking? Oh, well. Things come and go. In an effort to describe what I am
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2005
      You know you're in trouble when you don't do research. Geez. 28? Hmmm.
      What was I thinking? Oh, well. Things come and go.

      In an effort to describe what I am trying to say in my writings I'm
      gona write down a short description on everything I think most people
      wouldn't understand. I do this for three reasons. 1. It helps out a lot
      of readers who don't know what I'm talking about. 2. I wish other
      reviewers would use it since I sometimes don't know what they are
      talking about. And 3. I have to make up for that whole middle age
      thing. I have shamed myself due to a vague sense of age.

      Anyways, now on to the topic at hand.

      Yuri is hard to come by. I never know what series has it, and which
      series doesn't. Thankfully, Yuricon helped out a lot in that
      department. However, the only form of anime that was guaranteed to have
      some Yuri elements if you looked hard enough is, well, Hentai. So, I
      decided to compile my own list of titles that have yuri in it. Don't
      worry. I'm not mentioning anything thats random, gratuitous, or
      meaningless like most titles out there. Wait. Isn't that what Hentai is
      all about? Now I know this will get confusing. I guess what I'm trying
      to say is that the hentai I'm going to cover will hopefully contain
      what I like to call an actual "loving" relationship. Oh well. Here it
      goes! Oh. The following descriptions contains SPOILERS!


      Oni-Tensei (Kitty Media)
      Our main character in this story is Reiko Kure. She's a late 20's
      detective investigating a brutal massacre that left only one girl
      alive. The girl turns out to be Ema Nozomi, an 18 year old girl who
      went missing for some time. When the police examine her, they find out
      that she has this huge tattoo of a demon which literally covers her
      entire back. Reiko, after making some strange connection with Ema,
      decides to take Ema under her protection.
      As Reiko tries to uncover the mystery of the tattoo behind Ema's back,
      the more dangerous the situation becomes for the both of them. What
      follows after that is a constant series of rape. It's extremely graphic
      too, I'm not gona lie to you. Some may think that this show is just an
      excuse to have rape in it, but those scenes actually make an impact on
      the story as a whole. That is one thing I don't want to spoil for ya. I
      will say this though. This series does contain one of the most evilest
      anime villains I've ever seen. I'm not talking about Evil in a way that
      they want to rule everyone. Nope. I'm talking the evil that they can
      only show you if it was Hentai.
      As for the Yuri? Well, it's there. Reiko definitely has feelings for
      Ema, even though Ema mostly dislikes her. Sometimes when situations are
      looking grim, Reiko will offer herself in order to keep Ema from harms
      way. Near the end, Reiko sort of comes out to Ema by holding her hand
      and saying that she likes being with her. This causes Ema to blush, and
      quickly react to her by saying that she isn't a lesbian. Is that it you
      ask? No. Watch the series. It's a rough ride (Literally), but if you're
      looking for a yuri relationship that actually has something going for
      it, give it a spin.

      Mystery of the Necronomicon
      A hentai about an evil book? Well, not really. But close! The story
      starts out at a resort located in the snow covered mountains somewhere
      not in Japan. The main players in this story are about a private
      detective spending the holiday with his recently adopted daughter. The
      other players are a tutor and her student, a well meaning old janitor,
      a big fat blackmailing evil man, and some guy who uses icepicks in a
      gruesome way. Well, when the murders start happening, everyone is a
      This was a fun show to watch. Especially when our characters spend at
      least three minutes in Japan, and the last two episodes in America!
      Yes! Now, if only the libraries were depicted more accurately.........
      Yuri? Sure. We have the Tutor Haruka, and her student Nozomi. We learn
      from Haruka that she is a lesbian, and that being Nozomi's tutor for so
      long only made her feelings for Nozomi a lot stronger. She hasn't come
      out with it yet, but the two of them do share a great deal of care one
      another. When Nozomi gets kidnapped, Haruka sets out with our main
      characters to try to find her! Here's the cute part. Nozomi is mute
      through out most of the show. I don't know why, but I love muted
      characters! She's even mute when the two of them have their scene
      together! Even though it's a dream sequence, the spirit is still there.
      So, is that it? Yes and no. They do get reunited, but than it ends.
      Hey, it's a start, right? I mean, Nozomi has no parents or friends, so
      why not?

      Well, thats it. I should also point out that these two seires have
      something in common with one another. The yuri couples both involve
      older women with younger women, and the younger women are both name
      Nozomi! Coincidence?!

      That's two out of hundreds of titles. Let's see if anyone in the
      industry wants to impress us.
      See'ya at the Star Side!


      P.S. Again, I apologize for the middle age thing, and also anything
      that might be wrong with anything on this post. Thank you.
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