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MADLAX or: Death, the quest for glory!

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  • Jeyl
    If there is one thing I learned when I watched Cartoon Networks Gundam Wing line, is to never have your heros brag about peace, and have them blow people up a
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2005
      If there is one thing I learned when I watched Cartoon Networks Gundam
      Wing line, is to never have your heros brag about peace, and have them
      blow people up a second later. Real diplomatic.

      Yeah. Death sucks.

      So, I popped in a little something our good friend Erica recommended.
      Animation? Good. Music? Good. Story? Confusing, but interesting.
      Characters? Well, I have issues.



      Take our title character Madlax. An agent who is dispatched in the
      first episode to handle some pretty tough situations. I say tough, as
      in facing a whole platoon of soldiers with tanks, and helicopters.
      Sounds pretty tough doesn't it? Well, no. It's not tough. In fact, I
      don't know why I even bothered to worry in the first place. Cause you
      see, our Madlax has something that my friends and I like to call
      "Overpowered" abilities.
      For instance. We have Madlax changing into a dress in the middle of
      the jungle. Ok. Now she reminds me of Ada Wong from Resident Evil
      (Especially from RE4). She than decides to ambush a platoon consisting
      of about 12 soldiers, 3 jeeps, 1 tank, and a heavily armed helicopter.
      Once I heard the first shot, I said to myself "$20 bucks says that she
      doesn't break a sweat." Easy money. I bought the Episode III soundtrack
      with that $20. Not only does Madlax not break a single sweat, she kills
      roughly the whole platoon with a pistol, falling down from a tree, with
      her eyes closed. When there is only the commander left, he practically
      shoots her a dozen times before she fires a single shot that ends his
      life. She than rescues a guy, who later dies, and goes home and has
      pasta. Our hero ladies and gentleman.
      Another issue that bothers the heck out of me is her take on Death.
      For assassins, it's a job. But the writers do a unique thing with
      Madlax. Take this Episode 2 for instance. A very important guy actually
      hires Madlax to kill him while he gives his speech. She than decides to
      have a conversation with him about why he's doing this, which ends in a
      touchy moment where she reaches out to him, and they have some sort of
      "Friendly" pose together. I didn't have to bet with myself to know what
      happens later during his speech. Let's just say that Death is the real
      winner here.
      So that's the Madlax character for ya. A pretty woman killing a lot of
      men, both good, and bad with no problem (both physically, and mentally)
      what so ever. Maybe that's why Erica put it in the shop, since yuri is
      not yet noticeable in this volume. I can only guess what challenges (If
      you want to call them that) Madlax will have to face in the upcoming
      episodes, since there seems to be some worthy adversaries out there.
      Still, death is death. And death sucks. Guess I haven't gotten out of
      my Trigun (Love and Peace!) phase yet.
      As for the other characters? To be honest, the whole situation plays
      out like that film Snatch. One character is at one part of the world,
      while the other is at another part of the world. Take our young They
      don't meet, but sort of share the same thoughts.

      Too harsh? Sorry. I just believe a character with some sort of weakness
      is more interesting than a character who is practically an unbeatable
      god. Madlax may have feeling, but she still kills. I know she might
      finally be able to get herself in a situation that she might not
      handle, but it's not in Vol. 1. There is no danger for her character
      what so ever. This is gona be a hard series for me to continue

      P.S. Thanks Erica for the link to the Box set!
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