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Re: [Yuricon] [spoiler]Gan Ou & Eugenie

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  • Adam Jones
    On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 06:09:13 -0000, stellaluna_42 ... It was a rather good series on the whole, wasn t it? Just a pity that the daytime CG backdrops looked
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      On Wed, 13 Apr 2005 06:09:13 -0000, "stellaluna_42"
      <stellaluna_42@...> wrote:

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      > Ok, I just saw the very end of Gankutsuou, & I must say I was greatly
      > impressed. It was a fun and dazzling ride, & I often found myself
      > cackling in delight at the Count's evil schemes.

      It was a rather good series on the whole, wasn't it?

      Just a pity that the daytime CG backdrops looked like they were rendered
      in the /Doom/ engine... ;) That said, the giant orrery above the
      Count's underground sea was stunning.

      > Anyway, I was wondering whether or not Eugenie could be considered for
      > The List.
      > Concerning her literary counterpart, Dumas basically beats us over the
      > head with the fact that she's a lesbian, but can this be applied to
      > Gonzo's version?

      I'm not sure we see any real sign of it in the anime. Heck, it comes
      across more like she'd've liked to try and involve herself in one of
      Albert and Franz's off-screen make-outs. ;)

      > The last episode hints at a reunion between Eugenie and Albert, but
      > nothing definate is shown. So there's nothing to imply that they ended
      > up together.
      > Albert seems to have more romantic affection for the Count anyway. ;)

      Alas, poor Franz! But yes, the whole show was waaay heavy on the yaoi
      hints. Not sure if I'm more an Albert/Franz or Albert/Count fan myself.

      > Random thoughts: I was kind of sad that the Abbe got turned into a
      > symbiotic manifestation of revenge. I always liked him.

      Yes. It's kind of a cop-out to make the Count effectively superhuman.
      Part of the power of the original character (I'm halfway through the
      book right now) is that he /is/ merely human.

      > Beppo gets no love, boo.

      I dunno... I think she'd be more than happy with the idea of passing in
      front of tens of thousands of people at once. Oh, and being an object
      of fantasy for unsuspecting teenage boys everywhere.

      But yes, she deserved at least a decent kiss. And hey, that's what
      fanfic's for, right?
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