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Re: [Yuricon] Air Master Vol. 1 Problems

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  • J Barlow
    It s terribly annoying when subtitles are done badly. I myself much prefer to watch subbies than dubs, but I don t think people think carefully about how
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2005
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      It's terribly annoying when subtitles are done badly. I myself much prefer to watch subbies than dubs, but I don't think people think carefully about how readable they are at all.

      Jeyl <theo@...> wrote:
      The first volume of Air Master seems to have the same problem that the
      Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence disc had. The english subtitles are the
      closed caption tracks! For example, if anyone makes a gasp, sigh, or
      anything of the sort, the subtitles will tell you so. If there is an
      explosion, a car driving by, some one getting punched, or a swish
      sound, the subtitles will tell you. This gets really annoying during
      the fight scenes, since it will display practically every sound effect
      that is heard, making it really hard to follow the action on screen.
      Heck, even when a character is stretching out, the subtitles display
      (Stretching/warm up sounds). And to make it worse, some of the titles
      even spoil the fights in certain cases. A character will talk, and the
      subtitles will not only display what he's saying, but will also have in
      parentheses what he's going to do action wise. Example:

        Let's see what you've got little girl. (Battle cry)

      This is on the same line mind you. I'm not that fast a reader, but by
      the time I got to the battle cry part, he wasn't even half way there
      yet. It totally ruined the moment. And this isn't the only happened.

      This is completely unacceptable as a subtitle track. If Dreamworks can
      replace an issue like this, I hope to gosh that Geneon, or whoever the
      heck put this DVD out fixes it.

      In terms of the disc itself, this has got to be one of the worst
      formatted anime DVD releases I've ever seen. There are no extras, no
      previews, and no scene selection. There are only 2 menus, and they look
      like they were slapped together using iDVD in roughly five minutes. Oh,
      here's a good one. There is no play all feature. When an episode is
      finished, it takes you right back to the main menu, where you have to
      select the next episode manually. I don't know. I just feel that these
      discs were put together as quickly as possible. I mean, they released
      two volumes on the same day! I've never seen that happen before. I hope
      that they either fix these issues, or at least improve their methods
      for their future releases.

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