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RE: [Yuricon] Re: Notes from the third Marimite novel, Part 2

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... on with her. ... While I don t disagree, I m not sure we have any real proof of this at all. ... I m looking forward to reading the bits where Kei and Sei
    Message 1 of 19 , Mar 4, 2005
      >From: "runaway_donkey" <alf_the_donkey@...>
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      on with her.
      >alright, perhaps "out" was too strong a term. what i meant was, i
      >believe that by the time of the novels, sei has achieved a level of
      >acceptance about her attraction to women.

      While I don't disagree, I'm not sure we have any real proof of this at all.
      :-) Other than that gut feeling thing, again.

      I'm looking forward to reading the bits where Kei and Sei intereact. God
      knows I'd *love* to have a short about Sei's life at college to over-analyze
      for lesban cues. LOL

      she generally puts
      >herself in the same boat as kashiwagi (although they dislike each
      >other immensely).

      I'll agree with that. Sei recognizes a gayboy when she sees him...although
      it's possible that she knew about Kashiwagi through Youko, a priori.

      In the New Year's Day manga, amusingly, Sei does to Yumi *exactly* what she
      warns Kashiwagi not to do to Yuuki - so yes, they are obviously similar
      types and Sei knows it.

      and she doesn't seem particularly interested in
      >men. remember, she asks yumi to evaluate kashiwagi's
      >attractiveness, since she apparently has no eye for such things.

      I think that was, rather, that Sei understood Yumi's natural sympathy for
      Sachiko and wanted to know whether Yumi approved. :-)

      >i think that it does specifically say women in reference to
      >sachiko's father and grandfather. when kashiwagi is talking to
      >sachiko, he actually says that he thinks the two of them are alike
      >(i'm not sure what that implies...)

      Could be anything, but remember, Sachiko isn't the only person who will have
      to marry for the family. Kashiwagi also has a duty to his family and doesnt'
      really have *any* possibility of marrying for love. He'll be expected to
      take a wife and have children, and his desire for me will have to be hidden
      from everyone else in his family. In that sense, Kashiwagi is a little lucky
      to have Schiko as his fiancee' - at least he doesn't have to hide it from

      Of course, *we* want it to mean that he sees Sachiko as being attracted to
      same sex partners as well. LOL But they are actually the same in other ways
      that make alot more sense.

      >i agree that konno might just create a new character to be yumi's
      >souer. neither touko nor kanako have outright declared that they
      >are candidates for the position, and i've heard (haven't read that
      >far either...) that in one of the later novels, kanako tells sachiko
      >that if yumi were to ask her, she would refuse. could go either
      >way. i'm actually quite interested in what yoshino's gonna do.
      >after all, she's made a bet with eriko that she will find a souer
      >soon. but the only 1st years she seems to know are noriko, touko,
      >and kanako. some people seem to think that yoshino might make a
      >girl by the name of naitou shouko her souer. this is because
      >shouko's (real) older sister, katsumi, was a rival of eriko's, and
      >shouko and yoshino have some personality traits in common. however,
      >shouko has more of a tie in with tsutako, so who knows how that will
      >turn out.

      Fan art says....Shouko's all about Tsutako. LOL



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