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Re: MariMite: The story of Yumi & Sei.

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  • Jen
    RE: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/message/16546 ... I think it s not so much a dislike for Sachiko... Well, even if it s a subconscious thing, it
    Message 1 of 13 , Jan 14, 2005
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      RE: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/message/16546

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Jen" <puni@i...> wrote:

      "I think it's not so much a dislike for Sachiko..."

      Well, even if it's a subconscious thing, it certainly ain't for the
      manga Sachiko. Having just finished chapters 1-6, I'm shocked to
      see Sachiko acting like a totally different person!

      Maybe it's the eyes of her anime model? How they're always near
      closed, like a cat with that expression they do so well. That "Why
      do you bother me by making me acknowledge your existence in my
      world?" look they cast in your direction. Sachiko's got that goin'
      on 24/7, with all the superior condescension I say she projects.
      But Manga Sachiko? No~ooooo...

      Manga Sachiko never does that once! Here eyes are so wide open!
      She's so very *expressive* it's like I'm reading about a totally
      different character. Just look at Sachiko! She huffs, goes all
      chibi, exasperates, yells, sighs, smiles so often it's such a shock
      of the new, she comically growls and she plays with her hair and...
      and... it just ain't the Sachiko I've known. The *only* one I've

      It's strange, the manga being so much more comical and funny
      compared to the angst so often dripping from the anime.

      This is just a realisation by me said out loud. That's all. Sorry
      for the necroposting. ^_^

      Kisses XXOOXX

      > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atheniag" <anilesbocon01@h...>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > Like I said, if you don't like Sachiko, then you don't like her.
      > I think it's not so much a dislike for Sachiko, but a concern for
      > Yumi. She may be fortunate to have an onee-sama who's also a
      > YamaYurikai, but methinks Yumi may be forcing herself into
      > being the soeur of Sachiko is a good thing because Sachiko is SO
      > idolised, and Yumi may be falling ever upwards.
      > However, what disturbs me more than Yumi's self-induced shredding
      > body and mind in the name of Sachiko is Sachiko's own apparent
      > disregard for the soeur concept... at least the taking of one of
      > own.
      > It's already been established that Sachiko took a soeur for the
      > purpose of getting out of the Cinderella role, and Yumi just
      > happened to be who she tripped over. Sachiko was ready to hang
      > with that rosary, despite handing what should be a precious sign
      > faith to a complete stranger for all the wrong reasons.
      > Strange, as Sachiko herself seems to appreciate the closeness and
      > importance of choosing just the right person as a petite soeur
      > through her enlistment by Youko, and yet Sachiko seemed
      > disinterested in applying any such effort in her own soeur quest.
      > I have only just finished watching episode #6 of season two, and I
      > see in flashback Sachiko publicly announcing her intent to take
      > Shimako as her soeur, and that was again merely a means to an
      > Granted, Sachiko's smile at Sei's usurpment of Shimako indicates
      > was all a ploy (orchestrated by Youko?) to force Sei into taking
      > Shimako as her own, but what if Sei called Sachiko's bluff? What
      > it wasn't a bluff at all? Now we have Sachiko once again taking a
      > soeur as a means to an end with no more emotional investment than
      > signing the act off from that day's TO DO list.
      > Does the soeur system mean so little to Sachiko? I find myself
      > sceptical, considering how close Sachiko and Youko appear to be...
      > and yet I may be mistaken in that, too. It may simply be respect
      > for a superior and simple friendliness as has been mentioned.
      > Regardless, twice now I've seen Sachiko show utter disregard for
      > rosary offering, and an almost stark refusal to admit to the
      > importance and responsibility of taking a junior under your wing.
      > Contrast this to all the angst and drama that has been played out
      > the stories of the other gals in their choice of soeur, and we end
      > up with yet another indication that Sachiko considers Yumi as
      > something far less than a soeur would and should be.
      > Keep in mind this is not Sachiko-bashing. I just can't see the
      > merit in giving Sachiko the benefit of the doubt, and believing in
      > the things she doesn't say or do, excusing everything I see just
      > because Sachiko keeps it all inside. Faced with what her
      > distancing is doing to Yumi both physically and mentally, it
      > seems to fair to keep cheering for these two when Yumi is clearly
      > the one who's suffering, self-inflicted or not.
      > But then, with the graduates out of the picture, it will be
      > interesting to see without foresight on what the series will focus
      > on, now that the always entertaining Yumi & Sei Saga is shelved.
      > Pity. Those two brought such comic funniness out of the web
      > fanartists. Never forgetting that rakugaki of Queen Sei on her
      > throne (with YamaYurikai maids), the following had me absolutely
      > spitting with laughter. ^_^
      > http://punistation.fuyucorp.biz/puni/Yuri/Maria/5Frame.gif
      > The comic continues, but like all punchlines (pun intended), it's
      > best not to stretch the joke. Besides, it's just TOO funny. ^_^
      > Kisses XXOOXX
      > Jen
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