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Re: [Yuricon] A tale of bad endings

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  • John Merced
    You want to talk about bad endings watch the last episode of Inu-yasha or Full Metal Alchemist, after seeing those episodes youll being saying what the hell!!?
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 20, 2004
      You want to talk about bad endings watch the last
      episode of Inu-yasha or Full Metal Alchemist, after
      seeing those episodes youll being saying what the
      hell!!? I know the seriesaint ending like this. Damnit
      it is! So if youre a fan of these shows and you havent
      seen the end, then dontlook forward to it youll just
      get pissed. -Kazemaru
      --- anilesbocon01@...
      <anilesbocon01@...> wrote:
      > This weekend three of the anime that I have been
      watching ended. Here
      > are my thoughts (spoilers inevitable and necessary):
      > Uta-Kata - ended with a soft thud. To no one's
      surprise, the whole
      > thing turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy
      that will perpetuate
      > eternally. My biggest complaint was that the
      so-called "rules" of the
      > engagement seemed to be violated completely by the
      last chapter. Saya
      > goes on and on about "the rules" but Ichika has no
      options on
      > absorbing and using her jin power. It was a set-up
      and an obvious one
      > at that.
      > The faux-yuri kiss at the end was designed entirely
      for screencaps -
      > it had no other meaning. I felt nothing about
      Manatsu's departure...
      > how sad is that?
      > Oh, and my last whinge about it, the big secret that
      Ichika was
      > keeping, (which wasn't that she was absorbing the
      powers of god-like
      > beings, oh, no...)just...disappeared. All of a
      sudden, she wasn't
      > moving away, which sucked the little meaning there
      was out of the
      > previous episode. Once again, it may have been
      explained in the
      > dialogue while my attention wandered, but as "system
      reset" endings
      > go, it seemed exceptionally lame.
      > ***
      > Phantom Memory Kurau - This series, which up until
      episode 23 had been
      > stellar, collpased and died an ugly death in the
      final episode. The
      > writers clearly hired a 6 year old for the wrap-up.
      "So, what do you
      > think we should do with everyone, little girl?"
      "Everyone will get
      > married and have babies and live happily ever
      after!" "Okay, that
      > sounds logical, let's do it."
      > I spit nails for an hour after this episode. If
      you're enjoying Kurau,
      > do NOT watch the last ep. You have been warned. No
      wrap up of the
      > complex emotional issues, or relationships or the
      ethical issues or
      > Rynax energy/existence...nope. Kurau turns into
      normal person who
      > marries and has kids, Ayaka, ditto, leaving
      Christmas to a miserable
      > life until a Rynax-Kurau shows up inexplicably and
      they all live
      > happily every after and get married and have babies.
      Ugh, ugh, ugh.
      > This was well beyond disppointing - this ending was
      > ***
      > Kannazuki no Miko - well, it made NO sense, but it
      was better than I
      > had hoped for. LOL
      > I haven't been commenting on the KnM threads here,
      at least in part
      > because I wanted to keep my conjectures to myself.
      I'm sure it was
      > obvious to everyone *why* Chikane was acting so
      beastly, well...except
      > for Himeko, of course, because that kind of clueless
      is special and
      > precious.
      > Himeko gets some emotion other than
      confused-yet-forgiving and slams a
      > sword through Chikane's abdomen - and since
      abdominal wounds take a
      > long time to bleed out, we have plenty of time for a
      long, detailed
      > confession of love between our two heroines. (For
      once, we get enough
      > specificity to make sure that no one confuses their
      love for each
      > other as "very good friends" or "cousins."
      > Souma goes all scaly until his brother cuts through
      the scales. Buh?
      > What happened to losing his humanity for ever? What
      happened to the
      > curse? You mean to tell me that it was basically
      about 3 seconds of
      > standing there looking bluish? Geez, bad guys these
      days are lame.
      > There's some confusing mecha stuff in the middle
      there, when Himeko
      > and Chikane (who is no longer dying, but is,
      instead, sort of doomed
      > to a bleak future, for about five seconds until the
      > factor kicks back in) meld and become a great golden
      glowing god-like
      > gigantor. (Good alliteration, huh?) But Souma fights
      the baddy
      > instead, so Himeko and Chikane can get in more
      kissing and hugging and
      > confessions of love because we don't want a single
      person to doubt
      > that this is LOVE, not just like.
      > Chikane is doomed to a short eternity sealed in the
      Moon Shrine, but
      > its okay because she's seen the end of the script
      and knows that
      > eternities, like curses, in the series, don't last
      too long.
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