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Haruka in Wonderland

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    But if Usagi is the rabbit, who s Michiru? Well, I might be able to picture her shouting Off with her head! but only in jest, or a very good cause. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2004
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      But if Usagi is the rabbit, who's Michiru? Well, I might be able to
      picture her shouting "Off with her head!" but only in jest, or a very
      good cause. I'm sure there's a doujin out there somewhere made in this
      very vein.

      Heh heh, I'll ramble a bit since I've been given leave to rant about old
      subjects badly. It's very kind of you, I have to say. =)

      When I try to look at the SM girls through the eyes of Haruka I see...
      well, some vaguely disturbing things.
      There's Michiru who she loves in that classic, mushy, have or be damned
      way. Naoko Takeuchi really went out of her way to set them up as this
      matched set in so many ways that I really start to think that if one
      ever really did have to give up the other they wouldn't be quite
      complete again.

      Then there're all the other little girls who are undeniably cute but
      mostly just fun to tease. There are three versions of each and she's
      tragically aware that this is the only version where there's much room
      for frivolity.

      Last there's Usagi who she adores, whether she wants to or not. Usagi
      is everything flaky and mediocre when compared objectively (outwardly?)
      to the outer senshi. She's also inexplicably this creature of supreme
      elegance and purity that is somehow fit to rule the galaxy. So, in some
      ways she's not only everything Haruka can never be (mediocre included),
      but also everything she's not supposed to want. When something is
      everything you're not supposed to want you often can't help but be at
      least intrigued, can you?

      I was never really aware that Michiru was hated until I joined this
      list. Of course I’m often not aware of these kinds of things… I don’t
      think that I really preferred either over the other. I really think I
      more viewed them as a singular item as I would talk about “Haruka and
      Michiru” Haruka first since it is alphabetical and all, but wouldn’t
      really comment much on them on their own.

      Hmm, Yayoi/Ayaka fiction. I might have to give that a go. Mine'd
      probably classify as bad though...

      ... and Amara isn't the worst dub name, IMO. I think the worst is in
      Princess 9 where the main character's nickname is suddenly changed to

      "I don't like the name Shinichi. Let's call 'im Jimmy!"
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