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Re: [Yuricon] Re: Kannaduki No Miko 8 SPOILERS

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  • Chalcahuite
    ... You were right, I both loved and hated this episode. I loved everything except the one part I hated. * * * * * * * * * S P O I L E R S P A C E * * * * * *
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      On Nov 25, 2004, at 3:57 AM, mellowrg wrote:

      > You're going to both love and hate this episode..

      You were right, I both loved and hated this episode. I loved
      everything except the one part I hated.



      Were it not for the fact that I'm a spoiler whore and have been
      following discussion on this series elsewhere, I think I would have
      been more upset at this episode and the writers than I am. Mainly
      because the way Chikane chose to break with Himeko, regardless of what
      her reasons might be, seems a little contrived and gratuitous, and a
      lot wrong. In a longer, better series, such a moment would be the
      pivotal moment on which the whole series would turn, and how it is
      dealt with would be the crux of the remaining episodes. Here, though,
      it may end up being exploitative. And that's why I hated it, I think
      Chikane (and Himeko) deserve a better story and better writers.

      On Nov 25, 2004, at 12:41 PM, mellowrg wrote:
      > I don't think it's a simple case of the lezbienzx antx000r getting to
      > her. The before and after scene were so contrast to each other. She
      > was calm and in control

      It was certainly a big part of it though, in my opinion. Her decision
      was a emotional response to an emotional situation, and it's execution
      had the trappings of rationality, but the reasoning behind it all was
      clearly irrational. So while I found what she did to Himeko
      deplorable, it certainly was a human action, and I can understand how
      she could have done it. But, definitely, it was Chikane's nadir and
      I'm sure that her redemption from that is going to be glossed over to
      squeeze in some mech fights. Shame really.

      > It really makes you wonder. If she wanted a double suicide she could
      > have done it. If she wanted Souma out of the picture forever she could
      > have done it. If she really wants Himeko to think of her always...
      > well.. that's a moot point considering Himeko already thinks about her
      > most of the time. Even when she's with Souma.

      Well, as Seravy points out we can well imagine that Chikane's trying to
      avoid destiny, and will porbably learn, like Oedipus before her, that
      it ain't that easy. In fact, this will only hasten the inevitable. Of
      course, comparing KnM to Oedipus Rex is grossly unfair to KnM, but it's
      what came to mind when thinking about stories involving the
      immutability of Fate.

      > In fact, I think she'll spend the next episode worrying more about
      > Chikane's departure than the actual rape itself.

      And that's probably the only reason that this will work. Himeko's
      extremely low self-esteem, while exceedingly annoying, is obviously a
      necessary element to make what should be a torturous and painful
      reconciliation easier to resolve within the framework of this story.

      Now having said all this, I'm looking forward to seeing where Episode 9
      of this train wreck takes us. Not downloading the raws and hijacking
      the Donna's machine to watch them looking forward to, but still. . . ;)

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