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Re: [Yuricon] Lurking, archetypes, that kind of thing

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  • firebird1919@comcast.net
    ... Nope, I am well and truly intimidated. I feel that way often though, so it s no real fault of the list. Also, I seem to be chronically behind on the
    Message 1 of 41 , Nov 25, 2004
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      Yuricon@yahoogroups.com wrote:
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      > Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 12:51:15 -0000
      > From: "Jen" <puni@...>
      > Subject: Re: Common archetypes in yuricon mailing list? (Way long)
      > I think the reason why the YuriCon Mailing List isn't so much more
      > deluged by daily chit-chat is that very reason. I reckon some
      > lurkers (they don't lurk. They play hidey-hole. We're hidey-
      > holers.) remain on the outside is because they're kinda intimidated
      > by our peers. I know I am.
      > Am I the only one who thinks like this?

      Nope, I am well and truly intimidated. I feel that way often though, so
      it's no real fault of the list.
      Also, I seem to be chronically behind on the anime/manga scene. Every
      post I type up seems to scream "I'm sure they've already discussed this
      before... better than you have."

      On the other hand, I still look for things that I might possibly
      contribute. It seems just yesterday I was writing up that there seemed
      to be an honest to goddess amazon society in Star Ocean: Til the End of

      >>The lack of the butch/femme dynamic may also be down to
      >>the influence of shounen yuri: while female yaoi fans seem equally
      >>enamoured of the seme and uke boys, there doesn't really seem to be a
      >>market for ultra-butch women in shounen (which is a crying shame from
      >>my perspective ^_^).

      I think it's a crying shame too, albeit for different reasons. It's
      just comforting to me to know that someone, somewhere, is lusting after
      the butch girls. It balances out the universe for ever time I get
      referred to as 'that guy'.

      And for my own random and stray comment on the butch/femme situation:
      An acquaintance of mine once said that yuri accentuated everything that
      is feminine about women, while yaoi accentuated everything that is
      feminine about men.
      While most of this statement is arguable, there is a little validity.
      After thinking about it for a while, I brought the idea back to the
      author. A female mangaka writing about two boys having hot sex is there
      trying to channel all things masculine. She half succeeds, making her
      seme a 'cool' and aggressive lead that makes our wavering uke, who looks
      'surprisingly' like the mangaka fancies she'd want to look if only she
      were a man, come over to the cone of light side. A female mangaka when
      dreaming up a way to get her yuri couple to hook up will probably look
      to her own feminine wiles and come up with a more 'femme' method of
      seduction. A male mangaka writing yuri will probably make them have
      really big boobs and add much slapstick humor which makes us all smile. ^_~

      Well, that should be enough from me. I'll probably read it through
      tomorrow and wonder why the hell I let myself post something at 6am
      again. Have not I learned my lesson?

      Love and Peace,
    • Erica Friedman
      ... Yes. :) ... I m glad you enjoyed it.! ... I liked that bit too. :-) Cheers, Erica Yuricon - For real women who like their women...animated.
      Message 41 of 41 , Dec 1, 2004
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        >From: "Jewel" <j_r_mccloud@...>
        >Reply-To: Yuricon@yahoogroups.com

        >Woooo, were you the one that wrote "In Their Room or
        >Out of the Closet"?

        Yes. :)

        >I loved that fic! It was one of my first lemons (after I got over my hang
        >ups and started pursuing them lustily) and it was cute, sweet, had a plot,
        >and was ... different. After awhile a lot of lemons starts sounding the
        >same, but I always remembered that one, even when I couldn't remember the
        >title or who wrote it. ^_^

        I'm glad you enjoyed it.!

        >Heh, heh, Haruka with a shoe fetish..

        I liked that bit too. :-)



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