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Marimite 208 (Steel-cap Ugg Boots)

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  • Jen
    Alrighty, it s time for this week s Erica was right post. My turn now, and I believe next week it s Ka-chan s turn. Reading the memo, I believe it concerns
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2004
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      Alrighty, it's time for this week's "Erica was right" post. My turn
      now, and I believe next week it's Ka-chan's turn. Reading the memo,
      I believe it concerns the debate over the "No masturbating!" sign at
      the YuriCon screening cinema, and what graphic would be

      MARIMITE #8: Wow. How wrong can I be? Sachiko & Yumi acting so
      completely close and snugly (for them, anyway), and not one moment
      of hyper-ventilating from Yumi. Impressive! Sachiko seems so very
      at ease around Yumi, so I guess a year has indeed passed. Even
      better, we get to see these two displaying their utter understanding
      of each other with their lightning-quick separation just before
      Drill Girl bursts into the room. I guess even the act of touchy-
      touchy consolidation cannot be seen in public when Sachiko is
      concerned. Keeping up appearances indeed. And both did it by
      instinct. Darn impressive. ^_^

      (Speaking of Drill-Girl: Wow, and I thought Shimako set the
      precedent for impossible hair. I just loved the end of Marimite
      109. That was movie-quality art, that was. Just look at that hair

      Even better, just check out Rei! That gal needs to get away from
      Yoshino more often. After being Yoshino's timid little femme for so
      long, we get to see the Rose Who Lords Over All. If Rei could be an
      even more sexy butch, she'd be walking around Lillian's in steel-
      capped ugg boots. Whoa. O_O

      Of course, Sachiko's transition into the position of She Wields As
      Much Authority As The Principal was naturally seamless. A better
      impression of Gendou Ikari I haven't seen (Yeah, I know, I dislike
      EVA. I'd cosplay as a Bondage Fairy before I'd touch a Rei/Asuka
      custom outfit... but credit where credit's due). I can't quite see
      Yumi becoming Rosa Chinesis quite so easily, but with Sachiko it was
      as easy as sitting down. With Rei standing behind her with an
      almost Enforcer look, these two *own* St Lillian's. ^_^

      Time to schedule the screening for episode 209!

      Kisses XXOOXX
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