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Re: [Yuricon] genki ka?

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  • Kensuke
    Well, here is a little history on brazillian big cons on the las 2 years..... For some years, the biggest con i Brazil was AnimeCon (AC). But one of the
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 12, 2004
      Well, here is a "little" history on brazillian big cons on the las 2

      For some years, the biggest con i Brazil was AnimeCon (AC). But one of the
      organizers, mr. Peixoto, wasn't exactly the most well-wanted person in the
      world. And with good cause. There is no lack of stories in which he did some
      not-so-honest things. A friend of mine, for exmaple, took some pictures of
      one AC, then this mr. Peixoto asked to see those photos, and copied them and
      published them on an anime magazine of his, without even asking this friend
      of mine, even less giving him credit or some kind of payment for the photos.

      Then a group o fpeople, tired of this situation, and with the backup of
      every major company dealing with anime/manga in Brazil, decided to form an
      event comapny called Yamato. And to take the AC directly, they made an event
      called Anime Friends (AF) on the same day of AC. That was last year. The
      greatest advantage of AF was that, for the first time, they brought 2
      singers and an actor from Japan in Brazil (except for some very old events
      where they brought Osamu Tezuka). And they were maybe the singers with the
      most known anime/tokusatsu songs in Brazil: Hironobu Kageyama and Akira
      Kushida. The actor was Hiroshi Watari, who did some tokusatsu, like Sharivan
      and Spielvan (if I'm not mistaken). Result: AF became, on its 1st year, the
      biggest con in Brazil.

      But it seem to be their only goal. Ever since, events from Yamato (there are
      like 3-4 per year, AF being the main one) have been on a very descending
      route on what refers to quality. They "got friends" with mr Peixoto (cause
      he got much more friendly after being outrunned), and now AC and AF are on
      different dates, and even do advertising for each other. This year's AF
      brought some other singers, from JAM Project (namely: Hironobu Kageyama,
      Masami Okui, Eizo Sakamoto and Masaaki Endo). But the place where the event
      was held couldn't be worse, it was more like a big warehouse, but not nearly
      big enough to accomodate all the people, stands and have space for the show.
      Result: kilometric lines to get in the event (many, and i mean many, people
      couldn't get in, and some of them travelled hundreds, even thousands of
      kilometers to come), the inside of the place was hotter than hell (with many
      people passing away during the last show, which was the biggest one), and,
      of course, a not very friendly opinion of the fans about the event. Yamato,
      on her site, apologised and promised to get a much better place for next
      year, but even so, the bad image continues. Now niether of the big events
      get a good image.

      But besides the two big july events, there is also Expo Anime Brasil, which
      happens on december, and is pretty big, comparing to the average. Other
      events on São Paulo this year were (in cronological order):

      already happened:
      Anime Dreams - something like a summer AF, but smaller (remember here in
      south hemisphere summer is at the and-star of the year and winter on the
      there was an event on april-may (don't remember), which name I can't
      remember alsio, but it was from the same organizers of Expo Anime Brazil
      AnimeCon - this year's was one of the most boring ones I've been
      Anime Friends - see above ¬¬
      Anime Fantasy - also from Yamato, each year it will have an anime series
      licenced in Brazil as a theme (this year one was the 1st, theme was Saint

      will happen:
      Ressaca Friends (something like Anime Friends Hangout) - started last year,
      with AF. This was supposed to be a meeting of all the staff that worked on
      AF, but word got loose and they made it an event. This year's one (will
      happen in 2 weeks) will also have international atractions, two tokusatsu
      actors: Hiroshi Watari (same one as 1st AF) and Tsutsui Takumi (who did
      Jiraiya, one of the most famous tokusatsu in Brazil)
      Expo Anime Brazil - in december, pretty decent event. Not many great things,
      but at least the organizer are somewhat worried about the quality of the

      I know this was a lot more than you have asked, but it's a complicated
      situation. I will probably continue to go to AFs for the international
      guests, and mainly to meet net friends who live far away. But cons here are
      getting more and more boring......

      Editor of Japan Sekai News (S-News) - www.s-news.org (sorry people,
      portuguese only)

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      > >Hi, everyone. I'm a brazillian yuri fan
      > >It would be great to know some other yuri fans and the latest news on
      > the yuri world. Oh, I'm a male, maybe it's important to state that (then
      > again, maybe not ^^).
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      > >Regards,
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      > >Kensuke
      > >Editor of Japan Sekai News (S-News) - www.s-news.org (sorry people,
      > portuguese only ^^)
      > Hi,
      > Can you enlighten me on the anime cons in Brazil? I'm hoping to attend
      > of the cons in Sao Palo (spelling?). I have a nagging question...why did
      > all the anime cons decided to have their cons on the July 4th weekend in
      > Palo? (this situation may had been corrected now)
      > Some time ago, I was looking at anime cons and found it strange that Sao
      > Palo had two anime cons running against one another on the same weekend.
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