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Re: Haru 8 sub thoughts

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  • atheniag
    ... I was rewatching this, and like Sege mentioned, remmbered my own warning to watch it as if the characters were people. It instantly became more
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 1, 2004
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, sean@c... wrote:

      > OK, I am a huge Touko fan, but I will admit this is not
      > her finest hour. She's not evil, in my opinion, she's
      > just pushy. She has an aura of 'I know how to fix
      > everything, so I will do it' to her that's both
      > irritating and endearing. But yeah, throwing the beads
      > was wrong.

      I was rewatching this, and like Sege mentioned, remmbered my own
      warning to watch it as if the characters were people. It instantly
      became more explicable.

      Touko is a spoiled, entitled 15 year old. insensitivity is not unusual
      or even unexpected in such a child.

      Say "spoiled brat" and it all makes sense.

      > That being said, I was startled when I saw this subbed
      > to realize how Rei and Sachiko were in on EVERYTHING.
      > I had assumed that Touko merely went ahead with what
      > she wanted and they played 'make sure she doesn't go
      > too far'. But no, she told them the entire plan and
      > they WENT ALONG WITH IT. I mean, I love Touko and
      > all, but this was a dumb plan. It's even clear she
      > mentioned throwing the beads, as Rei and Sachiko's
      > reactions show they knew it would happen.

      Yes. And as we discussed last night, the road to hell is paved with
      good intentions. Neither Rei, nor Sachiko are good at reaching
      outwards. They are both introspective (and probably introverted, as
      well. In fact, if you look at the Yamayurikai *we* know, it seems that
      the leadership is typically natural introverts forced to be
      extroverted by circumstance. Now...who does that remind me
      of...hmmm...? ;-)

      So, Sachiko and rei want to help their friend, but are not the kind of
      people to walk up and say, "Say, Shimako, we know you have this
      secret, and we want you to tell everyone and get it off your
      shoulders." It wouldn't work in any case.

      So, like so MANY well-meaning friends, they do something unbelievably
      insensitive and crude to force the issue.

      > I think, more than anything, this shows that the
      > current Yamayurikai (Sachiko, Rei, and Shimako) have
      > one huge, huge problem that runs through all three of
      > them - passivity.

      I'd argue introversion, and youth, but that's me.

      Shimako is slightly different -
      > she's not easily led by more assertive characters like
      > Rei and Sachiko are, but she still rarely takes the
      > initiative. This is, I think, one reason why Touko's
      > plan went through as is. I mean hell, even Eriko and
      > Sei would have agreed a quiet chat was best. Both
      > Sachiko and Rei seem slightly OOC here - the smugness
      > they radiate not only doesn't suit them, it doesn't
      > fit with the fact that this was all Touko's plan.

      The OOC part was, IMHO, SUPPOSED to be OOC. Sachiko and Rei were
      cracking UP as they looked over Noriko. They were "playing Rosa" and
      what is the point of a little power if you cant flaunt it? :-)

      I don't think they meant anything by it. Particularly Rei - she's been
      the subordinate of a woman who barely talks to her for a two years...I
      think she was just feeling her oats a little.

      > The other thing that struck me was how much this
      > reminded me of the current blogosphere campaign to
      > 'out' prominent right-wing Republicans as gay.
      > Shimako was essentially being outed as Buddhist in
      > front of all the first-years, and while Sachiko and
      > Rei clearly wanted to show 'you think this is a huge
      > problem, but it's really not' it's somewhat callous
      > and insensitive on their parts.

      Yes. But it happens - all the time. People think its the "right thing
      to do."

      > --Touko needs a spinoff of her own - maybe a Murder,
      > --She Wrote type show...

      The funy thing was, I thought of the "Murdered, She Was..." idea too -
      every week, Touko dies a different horrible death. LOL

      I have to admit, watching this the second time around made me dislike
      her *less.* Because it was that much more obvious how young and
      clueless she is. (I watched this on top of 13 raw, again, so was able
      to see how completely socially retarded she was - she's *clearly* an
      only child of indulgent parents. )


    • atheniag
      ... That s how I see it. ... I m sticking with feeling her oats. She s used to being good, and kind and quiet. Here was a teeny weeny chance for her to play
      Message 2 of 6 , Oct 1, 2004
        --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "atua101" <atua@i...> wrote:
        > --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, sean@c... wrote:
        > > I think, more than anything, this shows that the

        > The only explanation I can give is that they were on a bit of a power
        > trip from being newly made Rosas, and that Sachiko is trying to live
        > up to Youko's name by forcing the situation. Not that Youko would
        > *ever* have been so clumsy, heavy handed and overly melodramatic about
        > it.

        That's how I see it.

        > What I don't understand is why Rei went along with it, and why
        > Yoshino let Rei get away with Touko's plan, since there's no love lost
        > between Yoshino & Touko?

        I'm sticking with feeling her oats. She's used to being good, and kind
        and quiet. Here was a teeny weeny chance for her to play "Look I'm
        Rosa Foetida" and she did, with a smirk on her face the whole time.

        Once again, I'm hoping that the novel has some insight into this - it
        may be that Rei and Sachiko knew that this was what they had to do,
        for some reason we aren't aware of, in the anime.

        > > Oh well, there's still lots of wonderful thigs here,
        > > notably anything with Shimako and Noriko together, and
        > > Touko's 'I played a great villain' line that had me
        > > howling with laughter. The wacky Scooby Doo ending
        > > makes a little more sense now.
        > The villain line had me laughing out loud, it was so transparently
        > evil. :)

        It was actually quite cute, considering that of course, she *is* the
        "evil" character and, like so many truly hurtful selfish people, has
        no idea that she is either, but thinks she's "helping" other people.
        Can't tell you how much damage I've seen people like that do...


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