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Alien 9 + Tori Amos = "Now THAT is an AMV!"

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  • Jen
    (If this Anime Music Video has been mentioned here previously, don t blame it on my lack of attention. Blame it on the boogie.) Alrighty, I m gonna pipe up and
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 28 6:43 AM
      (If this Anime Music Video has been mentioned here
      previously, don't blame it on my lack of attention.
      Blame it on the boogie.)

      Alrighty, I'm gonna pipe up and mention soemthing that
      downright DESERVES your attention... but that doesn't
      mean I'm deLurking. I don't lurk. I merely keep my
      mouth shut unless I have something worth saying. No
      point saying 'Agel Wings' is the most sickeningly cutesy
      Lillilicious comic ever. It's Satating the obvious,

      But I digress. And it was darn good. Definitely worth
      those precious seconds of your life spent reading it.
      Not mine, though. I got better things to do.

      ...like recommend a simply fantastic AMV. You WILL
      like it. If you don't, you have no taste, and I hate

      "Fragile and Frail"

      ANIME: Alien 9
      ARTIST: Tori Amos
      SONG: "These Precious Things"


      Wow, how's that for one helluva recipe for success?
      I've been worshipping Tori Amos since I was a smart-
      mouthed randy teen, and "These Precious Things" is one
      of my most beloved songs. Sounds simply amazing when
      done live.

      And Alien 9? Well, watching it was one disturbing
      experience, which was only compounded after reading
      Kat's thesis on the series. Granted, key parts have
      since been debunked (gee, what a funny/dirty word),
      but I liked Kat's view on Alien 9 far more than the
      author's. Remember, Kat: Your facts may not always
      be right, but your opinions always are!

      Of course, I mostly mean the theory on the OVA's ending.
      Kat's theory is far better than the author's continuation.
      Know the ending I'm talking about? If you don't, I
      don't care about spoiling it for you, because it means
      you're not an Alien 9 fan, and I hate you with the fury
      of a nova. I'd spoil life for you if I could.

      ALIEN 9 ENDING (Kat's): Very sad/tragic, but subject
      to so much in-depth examination of the multi-layers of
      the characters/story, that it's just beautiful. By
      giving Kat's essay to someone who's just seen Alien 9
      and they "just wanna hit Yuri in da face SO much!" , I
      get an almost instant conversion to "Oh God... oh god
      I need to hold her. The things I've said... it hurts.
      It hurts in my heart."

      ALIEN 9 ENDING (author's): Yuri get's felt up on the train
      home from school, and then told it was her fault. Cue

      I hate Hitoshi Tomizawa so much. Every volume contains
      promise after promise of brilliance, only to be cut off
      with anticlimax EVERY DAMN TIME. Not that it ever
      stopped me from reading every Alien 9 volume. Me
      reading Alien 9 is the same as God watching us. The
      more we see, the more we hate, the more we wish we
      never started the damn thing... but we just have to see
      what happens next!

      Yup, I think all of the above needed to be said. The
      internet, if nothing else, is the perfect place to talk
      about who you hate and why. However, The important
      bit was the weblink to the AMV. If you haven't
      downloaded it yet, do it now.

      ... I SAID NOW!!!!!!!111111ONE11111

      Kisses XXOOXX
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