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  • atheniag
    ... Dude - This was way uncool. It s fine to post spoilers, but you need to do them BELOW the spoiler space for people who don t want to see it. Please be a
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2004
      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Andy00@a... wrote:

      Dude -

      This was way uncool. It's fine to post spoilers, but you need to do
      them BELOW the spoiler space for people who don't want to see it.

      Please be a little more considerate, thanks.



      > Episode 17 (Vanessa is still alive, hey, I had to say it.)
      > Spoilers
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > .
      > But she is having a bit of a Gabrielle moment, since she shot at
      that soldier
      > with the intent to kill. (She only hit him in the arm, though.)
      > Madlax shares a bit of her philosophy without smothering Vanessa,
      and she
      > starts to come to grips. In fact, she asks Madlax to train her in
      > (Woo! Guns = Intimacy, as any Noir fan knows. <g>)
      > Which she's going to need, as Enfan has framed the murder of a
      member of the
      > Gazth-Sonika Royal Family on the two of them. (So the entire
      country is
      > after them.)
      > Meanwhile, Margaret and Elinor (I'm using Lunar spellings) find out
      about the
      > frame up via the news and from Vanessa's hacker friend. They
      decide to head
      > out to Gazth-Sonika. (Oh dear.)
      > Margaret's sneaking ability are just about as legendarily bad as one
      > suspect. (She cheerfully tells an agent that they're going to go
      find Vanessa)
      > but they're saved by Corrosur's Jedi Mind Tricks. ("You don't need
      to see
      > their identification.") He decides to join their little party.
      > probably couldn't alter Margaret's mind, but he really doesn't need
      to, since
      > Margaret believes anything he says, and despite objections to the
      > "coincidence" his being on the same plane and hotel they're going
      to, Elinor will do
      > anything Margaret wants.
      > Episode ends with Margaret's and Madlax's car passing each other on
      > street in slow-mo. (Madlax has abused this shoujo convention three
      times now.)
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