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Fic: Slayers Mirror

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  • shane Jayell
    Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1589038/1/ Slayers: Mirror Nine Lina, the voice was quiet as she was gently shaken by the shoulder, then added more
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 22, 2004
      Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1589038/1/

      Slayers: Mirror Nine

      "Lina," the voice was quiet as she was gently
      shaken by the shoulder, then added more urgently,
      "Lina, you've got to wake up."

      "Wha...." Lina blinked up owlishly at Naga,
      the dark haired woman looking down at her in concern.
      "What's wrong?" she managed.

      "I'm not quite sure," Naga admitted, "but

      Lina shook her head, then she tilted it to the
      side. "Right," the redhead muttered, trying to listen.
      The walls were thin enough that she could hear Amelia
      next door, but other than that it was entirely quiet/
      "I don't hear anything," she grumbled.

      "Exactly," Naga agreed, "no night sounds or
      any people out there. This village is large enough
      there should be some sounds...."

      "Damn," Lina muttered, realizing she was
      probably right. She got off the bed, quickly stripping
      her night clothes off and dressing, noting that Naga
      was all ready to go.

      "Let's go get Amelia and then...." Naga opened
      up the door, froze for a moment, then she slammed it
      shut firmly.

      "What?" Lina looked over at her in confusion
      as Naga drew her sword with a steely rasp, taking up a
      guard position.

      "Undead," Naga growled as she loudly kicked
      the door open and leapt out into the hallway, her long
      sword swinging. The first rank squished wetly as she
      cut them down, the others looking mildly surprised to
      find their foes awake and ready.

      "Fireball," Lina cried as she blasted the
      other shambling creatures, flame consuming the remains
      leaving only a oily smoke in their wake.

      Amelia's door was open and the remains of a
      zombie flew out, splattering against the far wall. The
      white clad young woman stumbled out sleepily, "What's
      going on?"

      "Not sure yet," Naga answered crisply, "but
      it's trouble."

      "We'd better check the other guest rooms,"
      Lina offered.

      They went down the hall, quickly peering into
      the open doors but there were no survivors, the
      creatures had obviously jumped them while they were
      completely unaware. The trip downstairs was quiet, the
      three watching warily for more of the undead.

      "No sign of the inn keeper," Amelia noted, the
      black haired girl sounding concerned..

      The three of them looked around the empty
      common room warily, taking in the damage. The tables
      were broken, thick cobwebs hanging down as if the
      place had been abandoned for years, completely unlike
      the place they had just ate at. The scent of rotting
      food hung in the air, enough to make their stomachs

      "Well, we can try to hole up here till dawn,"
      Lina said thoughtfully, "or head outside and try to
      find out what's going on."

      "If there's more undead we'd do better
      fighting a running battle," Naga noted, "we could
      easily be overwhelmed in here."

      Amelia nodded gravely, "Those slain upstairs
      must be avenged."

      Lina nodded, "I don't much care for the
      undead, anyway."

      The front door creaked loudly as they pushed
      it open, the three women warily moving out onto the
      street. The moon shone down on them, bands of dark
      clouds streaming across the night sky. A brisk wind
      carried dust down the battered street, the edges of
      the cobblestones beneath their feet broken to rubble.
      The buildings were falling down all around them,
      blackened wreckage and open timbers jutting out of the
      ruined facades.

      Naga scanned around them, her dark eyes
      narrowed as the leather clad warrioress stood ready.
      "The town must have been under a glamour of some
      kind," she noted.

      "It doesn't feel like that," Amelia murmured,
      "it's something.... darker."

      "Lovely," Lina muttered. Off in the distance a
      wolf howled, the eerie tone echoing in the distance as
      she scowled, "Want to bet it's werewolves? I hate

      Naga fought back a smile. "Can either of you
      get a sense of where this might be focused?" she asked

      A pale white light shimmered all around
      Amelia, the warrior of justice calling up her power
      and reaching out with her magic. It was almost like
      watching the mirror Lina at work, a gentle purity
      washing across the two of them and then out across the
      ruined city around them. There was something like a
      snarl out in the darkness, something dark out there
      reacting to the power directed against them even as
      the light winked out.

      "There," Amelia puffed out a breath, pointing
      to the ruined castle on the far side of the river, out
      in what had once been the high class part of town.

      "The castle," Lina shook her head, "of

      "Let's go," Naga said as the three took off at
      a run.

      This part of the city was once filled with
      life, the merchant men and women loudly calling out to
      sell their wares. Now the stalls were falling down,
      empty, the remains of their stock a fowl mess on and
      behind the counters. The undead shambled out from the
      shadows and alleys, gray rotting flesh falling from
      yellowed bone only to be blasted back by magic or cut
      down by sword.

      "There's a bridge ahead," Amelia said,
      hammering on a creature trying to grab at her white
      shirt. It collapsed, dust billowing around it as they
      moved on.

      "We need to cross the bridge to get to the
      castle," Naga said grimly, a swing of her blade
      scattering another bunch of the rotting foes.

      "Which means that there might be something a
      bit more serious waiting for us there," Lina said as
      they came around a corner. The three women skidded to
      a stop, taking in the bridge and what awaited them
      there in awe.

      The stone bridge was mostly intact, massive
      slabs of granite used to put the great structure
      together. None of them noticed the fine stone work,
      eyes focused on the creature standing on it. The giant
      was dead, the flesh hanging in flaps from his massive
      arms but the thirty foot tall figure still looked
      imposing, eyes glowing a sullen red.

      The massive club, probably made from an entire
      tree, came up with a smooth motion as the creature
      boomed, "None shall pass."

      Naga actually smiled, raising her sword to the
      ready as she studied her enemy thoughtfully. "A
      challenge," she murmured, "I love a challenge."

      "Together we can defeat it," Amelia said
      firmly, "for justice is on our side!"

      "No," Lina said firmly, looking up at the
      creature as her red hair flew back from her face like
      a banner, cloak fluttering around her, "this thing is

      �Lina....� Amelia said as she started to
      follow her then Naga stopped her with a gentle hand on
      her shoulder.

      �No,� Naga shook her head, looking at Lina
      with gentle concern as she continued, �I�ve seen Lina
      like this before, it�s best to let her do what she
      feels she must.�

      �Heed me, oh spirits darker than dusk," Lina
      intoned, her voice carrying with it an eerie tone,
      �red beyond crimson flow like blood. In the name of
      those fallen to dust, I pray to the shadows. Mark ye
      these villains that bar our way, and to my small
      strength thine own ally, to deliver doom, folly repay.
      Come judgment from the grave, Dragon Slave!�

      Lina seemed to explode with energy, the
      scarlet fire surging forward in a massive stream of
      destruction. The giant raised his wooden club in a
      futile gesture but the massive weapon was consumed
      almost as fast as he was. In moments all that was left
      of the rotting hulk was ash, spiraling down across the
      bridge and into the river bellow.

      �Wow,� Amelia murmured, the she shook herself
      visibly. �Do you think that was their most powerful
      weapon?� she asked, referring to the now destroyed

      �Maybe,� Naga said thoughtfully, �but I
      wouldn�t count on it.�

      �Let�s get moving,� Lina said calmly, �there�s
      still the castle ahead.�

      The three women crossed the bridge into the
      high class part of town, the buildings around them in
      moderately better condition as they raced down the
      paved streets. Garish remnants of finery were draped
      in empty windows, fine manors of the wealthy now
      looking forlorn and abandoned. The fading scent of
      perfume hung in the air, the remnants of bottles once
      broken open lingering long after the perfume itself
      was gone.

      Here the undead performed a twisted imitation
      of their former existence, the rotting forms trying
      their best to carry on as if nothing was wrong.
      Couples staggered along the streets together, the
      remnants of fine clothes falling off gaunt bodies,
      parasols held to block the nonexistent sunlight. They
      seemed disturbed by the three living women moving
      through their world but did not attack, merely gazed
      in confusion as they passed.

      �This is almost more disturbing than when they
      were attacking us,� Amelia noted as they raced through
      the crowd of dead men. The castle quickly began to
      rise up in front of them, the winding streets bringing
      them closer and closer.

      Naga lead the charge at the closed gates of
      the castle itself, her sword describing a clear arch
      as she struck out against the rotting lumber. With a
      loud crack the gates flew open, guards behind them
      shambling to try and take up their positions.

      �Rune flare,� Amelia blasted them without even
      breaking stride, the three charging forward. �The
      tower,� she yelled to the others, �it�s up in the

      �Why is it always the tower?� Lina muttered
      under her breath as they bolted across the courtyard,
      striking as needed against the undead.

      �Lack of originality, maybe?� Naga smiled
      slightly as she shouldered the heavy oak door open,
      the stone steps spiraling upwards. Moonlight shone in
      through holes in the walls, revealing steps that were
      battered and crumbling.

      �Watch your step,� Amelia said. They took the
      stairs as fast as possible, the small band winding
      their way up the dim stairway until they reached
      another heavy door. She reached out, touching the wood
      then shivered, �It�s here.�

      BOOM! Naga kicked the door open, she and Lina
      racing inside with Amelia trailing behind. The chamber
      within was beautifully decorated, firelight
      illuminating what oddly looked just like a woman's
      sitting room. A woman looked up from where she sat in
      a comfortable chair, a faintly glowing ball gently
      held in her hands.

      "Isn't the city beautiful?" the delicate,
      almost unearthly blonde looked up, eyes filled with
      madness. "Just like the magician promised," she
      cradled the ball close as she cooed, "we only have to
      pay with these nights...."

      "This has to stop," Lina said firmly, already
      preparing her spells.

      "No!" The girl rose, the light from the ball
      shifting to red, "Everything will be the way it was,
      it has to be, and I won't let you stop it!"

      All around the woman wisp like spirits rose
      up, trying to take on physical form. There was a
      sudden pressure, the air thickening even as Lina and
      Naga moved almost as one. Lina struck with her spells,
      a flare of fire and light drawing the dead's attention
      even as Lina strode forward.

      "Now!" Naga drove her sword down, slamming it
      right through the orb.

      "No...." the girl moaned as the ball exploded.

      The wave of scarlet fire washed across the
      room first, then it stretched out across the city. The
      undead stopped, pausing as the light struck them, then
      they seemed to collapse. Bone and flesh dissolved to
      ash, the rot and corruption that had gripped the town
      fading away to simply age....

      "The sunrise never looked so beautiful,"
      Amelia admitted, the three of them walking away from
      the ruined town.

      "A long wait for dawn," Naga nodded. The three
      of them, along with the mad girl, had camped out in
      the castle. They thought that destroying the orb had
      destroyed the undead, but there was no reason to take

      "So the next town we visit," Lina said, "we'll
      send someone back for the lady."

      "I wish we could have taken her with us,"
      Amelia sighed.

      "Considering she had hysterics when we tried
      to take her from that room, I'd rather leave her for
      the guards," Lina scowled. "Anyway, without the orb
      she's harmless, right?"

      "I hope you're right, Lina," Naga said

      To be continued....

      "But what really impresses me is how beautiful you look, standing in the moonlight," Rika to Renamon, Digimon Tamers


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