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Re: Thoughts on MariMite Haru 2 subbed and 3 raw

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  • atheniag
    ... in the anime continuity, as ... Foetida a personality. ... into how Eriko ticks, and she ... normal one of this group, ... I liked the Yuri Kokoro review
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 19, 2004
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, sean@c... wrote:

      > Episode 2 is the Eriko episode, and it unfortunately works less well
      in the anime continuity, as
      > it reads like "Dammit, she's about to graduate, time to give Rosa
      Foetida a personality."
      > Nevertheless, it works very well, as we finally get a good insight
      into how Eriko ticks, and she
      > turns out to be just as eccentric as the rest of them (Youko is the
      normal one of this group,
      > how weird).

      I liked the Yuri Kokoro review - "This episode was fine. I just didn;t
      care." LOL

      > In fact, Eriko's backstory is a bit disturbing, between the 'my
      brothers all have a sister
      > complex' and the whole 'I want to marry a guy I've talked to 3
      times' thing. But she makes the
      > whole thing seem so natural - Nabatame Hitomi does an excellent job
      with what little she's
      > given, giving Eriko more than just 'bored rich girl'.

      It did strike me as strange that, as the assumed "most beautiful,
      talented and rich" girl in a school full of the beautiful, talented
      and rich, Eriko was so utterly bizarre. :-) And the earlier flakyness
      had nothig to do with her toothache - she's just naturally flaky.

      > And is it me, or is Tsutako aiming to become the power behind the
      school by her third year?

      Now *she* worries me. Tsutako's clearly angling to become an estemmed
      member of the worst kind of paparazzi.

      I guess it's a reasonaably safe way to hide stalking behavior.

      > The third is still raw, so I'm doing my usual 'best guess', but this
      one is more similar to the first
      > than the second - it's easy to make out the plot even if you don't
      know the Japanese. This is
      > another Yumi episode, and she's really desperate to please here.
      Honestly, Drill cannot come
      > soon enough for me, because while I appreciate Yumi's earnestness
      and Sachiko's grace, I
      > want to beat them both over the head with giant paper fans till they
      lighten up.

      Which is, of course, exactly what the episode was about.

      I did enjoy the fact that Sei so easily set them up for it all,
      because Yumi is so earnest and serious.

      > That said, seeing Sachiko giggle at the end was great, especially
      the look that follows that
      > between the three graduates. They're still very worried about
      Sachiko needing to open up, and
      > I think this was a sign they're willing to leave future work up to


      > Episode 4 preview, besides being wonderfully silly, seems to be the
      2nd graduation episode,
      > with the request for a kiss. I wonder if this means we'll see
      Noriko in Episode 5...

      Looks all emotional and goopy, to me.

      > --SG
      > --Man, Yoshino is REALLY good at magic...

      LOL Who knew?


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