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Air Master redux

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  • donnaneely
    I also finally finished this series over the last week or so....had some comments/questions that I would love some feedback on if anyone still recalls much
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      I also finally finished this series over the last week or so....had
      some comments/questions that I would love some feedback on if anyone
      still recalls much about our triumphant Maki/Airmaster.

      - it seemed to me that the fact of her stupidity was more in the
      forefront later in the series, certainly so after her half-sister
      showed up. I dont recall her friends or foes making much of an issue
      of her intelligence or lack thereof earlier than that?

      - i noticed this because it lent a different light on the Mina/Maki
      relationship for me. Was she just too stupid to care what Mina did?
      After the fight with Black Uniforms and such, she seeks solace and
      rest in the arms of Mina, but after that particular battle you dont
      really see her seeking out Mina for support, only rescuing her, or
      gradually, warning her away from tagging along all of the time. As
      for the bed scene, clearly she is shamed by it. I am not saying in a
      negative way, but there was no joy or humor there. Just
      shock/surprise and shame. Which makes it plain, it seems
      to me, that there were aspects of their relationship that were NOT
      okay to Maki - like nudity/sex? I would not pay any attention to this
      except the animators clearly showcase her swooning over the physical
      ministrations of Julietta. Whether she desired them or not she
      responded to them physically. To the point in fact of being unable to
      control her body or mind to focus on fighting. I chalked it up to the
      creators not wanting us to think Maki was a lesbian - even if Mina
      was acting like one.

      - I wondered why the #3 woman fighter that defeated Maki was part of
      the final battle with the #1 fighter? And who the heck was the young
      woman who had the special powers to unite all of the #1s and or keep
      the #1 toiling away beyond death? Now that was a character about
      which I would have liked much more information.

      - I am totally smitten with Kaori - wow what a woman - she was an
      amazing character - totally UN-equal parts massively aggravating in
      presentation and utterly captivating in motivation and meaning. Her
      speech just prior to the final battle was utterly heartrending, and
      just as screechingly aggravating in delivery as everything else she
      said. You certainly couldnt ignore her, but how important to be able
      to Listen to her as well. ( I pitied the poor seiyuu who had to voice
      that role, and Renge for that matter. Must have had bloody throats
      for weeks.)

      - totally loved how the women fighters were all HUGE bruisers. Not
      just T & A service like in Ikkitousen and some others. Granted they
      were for the most part very well endowed, but also hugely muscled and
      very powerfully drawn. And mostly kept their clothes on during a

      - on the other hand, i was chastened by my own reaction to the
      animation of entire series - the women were not especially cutesy nor
      really always pretty. i did not warm to them the way i usually do and
      felt like a dog for it. I found myself noting frequently how many of
      the male characters held up very well in the prettiness factor to all
      variations in their demeanor, but not the women/girls. Kaori was
      about the only female that was consistently drawn in a
      stereotypically pretty style. Well when she wasnt screaming and
      gnashing her teeth! LOL.

      - what I saw in the end was the the #1 fighter was really just the
      guy with the most brute force. Am I mistaken here? I was really kind
      of disappointed since I was so caught up in the many variation in
      fighting style throughout the competitions. Especially since it wasnt
      always the biggest/brutiest guy or gal that won. The ninja was an
      awesome talent, and the wrestlers, as were others. Especially liked
      that the #3 woman was winning because she was willing to kill without
      hesitation. (at least that is what i interpreted there). So i was
      truly disappointed that the final battle seemed just about plain old
      brute force. Or was I missing something metaphysical or symbolic

      last comment, i was swooning over the fight scenes just as others
      have i suspect. certainly the fight animation is the best part of the
      series. gave me something with which to compare tenge tenjou, which
      also has superb fight scenes.

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