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Re: [Yuricon] Re: R.O.D Manga site

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  • Reese
    ... If you mean Bit Torrent yes, it is software. There are Torrent files of Raw and subtitled Anime available. RAW means no subtitle, no dubbing. Do a
    Message 1 of 10 , Apr 27, 2004
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      At 03:21 PM 4/28/2004 +1200, you wrote:
      >Cool, thanks for that Erika,
      >and um...thank you too Reese. IS that a website? I
      >checked it out and it seems to be internet software.
      >:P I hate being thick ;)

      If you mean Bit Torrent yes, it is software. There are Torrent files of
      Raw and subtitled Anime available. RAW means no subtitle, no dubbing. Do
      a google for Torrent Files. I won't touch the music/movie files. Although
      I myself first ran across this only a few weeks ago (and will most likely
      lose internet access at the end of May, no job. Thanks Shrub Junior.) I
      have downloaded several Anime not currently available in the dis-United
      States. Three I have enjoyed most are AIRMASTER, PLANETES and
      JUBEI-CHAN. Of the three I have only been able to obtain the entire
      series of Jubei-chan.

      Bit Torrent sits on your computer as an application once installed. You
      then download a 'torrent file', which is nothing more than instructions to
      BT as to where to go and what to get. It is usually very small, less than
      one K in size and can be trashed once the file is downloaded. Double click
      the torrent file, it runs BT for you, popping up with a screen asking where
      you want to save the file. Tell it, then let it do its own thing. It
      works in the background, I've had as many as thirteen running at one time
      (eleven at the moment) though it certainly affects your bandwidth. How
      bad? Read cookie monster in a chocolate chip factory. Most Anime I have
      downloaded have been AVI format and of excellent quality. I certainly will
      obtain a copy of Jubei-chan should it arrive in the US, if only to support
      the creating studio. Airmaster would be nice to own as well, but American
      censors would gut it before allowing anything that 'sexist' on the
      shores. Never mind they let in a really bad anime commonly termed Body
      Count on nearly untouched (Fist of the North Star) and show it on tv.

      I've never understood why you can show ripped up teenage girls bodies on
      daytime tv, but a kiss between two women is too much for American
      sensibilities. I've already seen several very real, very ripped up women's
      bodies, I'd rather see them kiss thank you. In fact, I'd rather see them
      marry and live happily ever after while Dufious Drain Bead Gomer 'Women are
      meant to serve me, god say so' gets dumped in some volcano, as an offering.

      Any-who's-its, there are several anime mentioned on this list I would very
      much like to view, however they are either not available as torrent files,
      or with currently no income, the spending of what money we do still have is
      limited to keeping two teenagers in High School, fed, clothed and under a
      roof. Perhaps in the future I will have the chance to view those
      anime. I'm permanently persona-non-grata with the local anime club and
      have been some oh, Andrew was four when Nestor insulted my wife and kids,
      so say thirteen years now?


      "There are currently over seven women alive for every man on this
      planet. So tell me Kathleen, why don't women rule your world?"

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