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Saiyuu no Ryokou: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko, Issue 15

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    [For Issues 1-14, please visit http://www.yuricon.org/snrvol1.htm] Saiyuu no Ryokou: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko The Story So Far: Tonight is Yuriko s
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      [For Issues 1-14, please visit http://www.yuricon.org/snrvol1.htm%5d

      Saiyuu no Ryokou: The Continuing Adventures of Yuriko

      The Story So Far: Tonight is Yuriko's first job working closely with
      Mayumi. She's beginning to learn just how many allies she has on this
      tour, but its her enemies that concern her.

      Volume 1, Issue 15

      "Whine and Cheese"

      "Look off to the left, right, hold that, good, now up. Good. Point.
      Smile – can we get a laugh? Good, good! Okay now, I want to have a few
      shots up against the wall…" The photographer's patter went on and on,
      and Mayumi, with only a few, almost perfunctory complaints, shifted
      and smiled and leaned and laughed.

      Yuriko yawned and fanned herself. The day's heat hadn't dissipated and
      the moist air was heavy with fumes from traffic.

      Haru came bustling up – Yuriko had already come to the conclusion that
      the woman's only pace was "bustle" - with a drink. Yuriko thanked her
      and guzzled the cold liquid. She looked at her watch. Midori hadn't
      promised to be there, but she was hoping she'd make it.

      "Yuriko-san, are you ready?" the director's assistant slowed as he
      walked past.

      "As I'll ever be," Yuriko said agreeably.

      The young man nodded and continued, speaking as he continued on.
      "Mayumi-san has one more change and we'll be ready to go for the last

      "Great, thanks." Yuriko checked her watch again and looked towards the
      break in the barriers that served as a gate. She could see the milling
      movement that signified fans pressed up, each looking for a glance of
      their favorite star. Yuriko stood and caught Haru's attention.

      "If anyone asks, I'm over there signing autographs." Haru looked
      unhappy at being given this information. Yuriko smiled reassuringly.
      "Don't worry, I'll be right back." She caught Kishi's eyes before she
      walked off, just in case the poor valet should crack under the
      investigation that was sure to follow and forget everything she had
      been told.

      The murmur that was the sound of massed fandom rose in pitch and
      volume as Yuriko approached. Girls shrieked and reached out over the
      barriers and guards, offering flowers, autograph books, toys and,
      Yuriko noted with amusement, items of clothing. She smoothed her
      tuxedo jacket down and the girls gave another screech of delight.
      Smiling broadly, Yuriko greeted her fans and took a few of the
      autograph books dutifully.

      "Can you make this out to Keiko?" the girl had to yell to be heard
      over the clamor.

      "To my dearest Keiko-san," Yuriko wrote and handed the book back with
      a kiss to the girl's wrist. The nearest guard shot Yuriko a
      bleary-eyed look, as he and his companions held back the crowd.

      Yuriko had just accepted a flower and a stuffed heart when the object
      of *her* desire arrived. The crowd was moved aside for the taxi as it
      entered the premises. Yuriko leaned down to hand Midori out with a
      flourish. The sound of screaming fans increased tenfold, as she tucked
      the writer's arm into her own and dramatically handed her the flower
      she had taken from the fan. With waves, the two women left the gate
      and the guards to the roar of the crowd.

      "I'm sorry I'm late," Midori apologized when they could hear each
      other to speak. "I got caught on the phone with my agent. You know how
      Manaka-san can talk." She sighed to emphasize her patience with her
      chatty agent.

      Yuriko smiled. "I'm just glad you made it at all. And so are they, it
      seems," she gestured towards the gate.

      "Mmm," Midori grunted noncommittally. She'd never get used to the
      screaming hordes that mobbed the singer everywhere she went.

      "Yuriko-san, we're ready to go!" the call came.

      Yuriko squeezed Midori's hand. "Wish me luck."

      Midori smiled cruelly. "With that woman? I wish you all the luck in
      the world."

      Yuriko winked. Turning away from her lover, she headed towards the
      director, who stood with Mayumi. Yuriko smiled brightly at Mayumi,
      because she thought it would annoy her, and nodded seriously at the
      director. She tried not to smirk as Mayumi cast her a malevolent

      The director made his comments mercifully brief. He set them up and
      before Yuriko could blink, Mayumi had linked their arms together and
      was laughing like a little girl at the circus. Yuriko grinned back and
      the shoot was on. The photographer took them through the first several
      poses, then started to bring them together. From happily smiling,
      their eyes met, lingered, looked away. Leaning in towards Yuriko,
      Mayumi pursed her lips slightly, then parted them. Yuriko watched in
      fascination as the other woman's face filled with sultry attraction,
      as she moved nearer to Yuriko.

      The blonde reached out and drew Mayumi into an embrace, as the
      photographer and director coached them carefully. The heat of the
      evening air was nothing compared to the heat between Yuriko and
      Mayumi. Bodies practically wrapped around each other, they began to
      dance, slowly.

      Yuriko could feel Mayumi's body pressed up against hers. She looked
      down to see those full lips, glistening darkly in the light, inviting,
      just open. Her eyes burned as she stared at Mayumi, feeling tension
      begin to build between them. Mayumi met her eyes and a tiny hint of a
      suggestive smile caught the corners of those lips. Yuriko lowered her
      head, drawn inevitably towards that promise of passion, as the cameras
      clicked and the voice of the photographer ceased. The air was thick
      with Mayumi's scent and Yuriko felt dizzy. They were no more than a
      hair's breadth apart, their lips just about to touch when the
      photographer shouted his last, "Good!" and the director, rather
      reluctantly said, "Cut."

      Immediately Mayumi whirled out of Yuriko's arms, leaving the taller
      woman still bent over, kissing nothing. Yuriko stood upright and took
      a deep breath with a feeling of reprieve. Somewhat dazed, she moved
      away from the shoot towards a very serious-looking Midori. Haru came
      forward once again, with a glass of cold something or other. Yuriko
      stared at it considering, for one brief moment, pouring it over her
      head. She shook herself slightly and took the glass with thanks, then
      covered the distance between herself and Midori, who hadn't moved from
      where Yuriko had left her.

      "Well," Yuriko said, after she had sipped at her drink. "What do you

      Midori didn't answer right away. There was something unhappy in her
      gaze and it took a moment for her to will it away. "It was very sexy."

      Yuriko grinned ruefully. "Yeah, well, Mayumi's a good actress after

      "It wasn't hard to act attracted to her, was it?" Midori asked

      Yuriko stepped close to Midori and took the writer's hand in her own.
      "Hey," she said gently, "don't write me off yet." She gave a little
      laugh. "I'm a good actress too." She stood over Midori, meeting her
      eyes, slowly closing the gap between them.

      Midori's face cleared and a small, regretful smile appeared on her
      lips. "Sorry, you're right – too good for my comfort."

      Yuriko grinned. "Then I guess I shouldn't be honest and tell you that
      Mayumi had me fooled here for a minute too."

      "No," Midori snapped. "You shouldn't."

      As the set was broken down and equipment began to be packed up, Yuriko
      escorted Midori to the makeup trailer. "I'll only be a few – do you
      want to come in?"

      "If she's going to be in there – then yes."

      Laughing, the two women entered. Yuriko was seated and Midori watched
      in never-ending fascination as the carefully applied makeup was

      The makeup technicians were almost done when Mayumi finally spoke.
      "Make sure you clean off everything," she hissed to the technician as
      she turned her head slightly towards Yuriko, "I feel dirty."

      Yuriko caught Midori's eyes and rolled her own. Looking up at the
      woman who was cleaning her own face, Yuriko winked on the side Mayumi
      wouldn't be able to see. "Oh, yeah," she agreed. "Me too."

      Mayumi's face darkened and Midori covered her laugh with a cough.

      To Be Continued
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