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Re: Thoughts on Marimite 12-13, with some spoilers

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  • atheniag
    ... bit ... my ... are ... Agreed on both counts. A few times I thought, yeah, she s screwin with Yumi s mind, but Sachiko s confusion seemed genuine - and
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 2, 2004
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:

      > > I found myself wondering if Sachiko was playing with Yumi's mind a
      > > with this 'what is it like to live as a real person' schtick, but
      > > admit it's more
      > > likely that is simply the case.
      > I'm thinking it might be a little bit of both. I got the impression
      > that she might have been playing it up a bit, but that maybe more of
      > perception, because I can't wrap my head around the fact that there
      > people like that out there, it's too abstract a concept I think. ;)

      Agreed on both counts. A few times I thought, yeah, she's screwin'
      with Yumi's mind, but Sachiko's confusion seemed genuine - and
      remember, we know from the kindergarten flashback that Sachiko did eat
      sandwiches with a knife and fork.

      One of the things I love about Mina from Air Master is that, even
      though she's also an ojou-sama, she's so game to do anything, that we
      (and her friends) forget it, until something goofy reminds us. But
      Sachiko hasn't ever had anyone like Yuu (who has been Mina's friend
      since childhood, and obviously introduced her to game centers and
      gyudon joints) so she just has no experience of things like that...no
      more than I have experience with going to a boutique by appointment
      and being fitted with custom clothes. :-)

      What I liked best was watching Sachiko completely unbend... I mean,
      she really just wanted to be with Yumi and it obviously *really*
      didn't matter to her what they did. I think Yumi was thinking way too
      hard - she could have walked Sachiko around a park and that would have
      been fine with her.

      Ultimately, the shopping for jeans things worked out beautifully -
      Yumi learned that Sachiko really, really, liked her - enough to want
      to have things she had, and Sachiko got to be with someone who helps
      her learn to relax and just have fun. She was really leaning on Yumi,
      which was good for both of them.

      > > See, everyone is talking about how dead Rei is going to be, but I
      > > don't see
      > > Yoshino's reaction as the anger/jealousy she's radiated before
      > > as during
      > > the cards search) but genuine anguish. I think Rei should worry
      > > if she
      > > *isn't* dead...

      > Yeah, I agree with Sean here, this doesn't look like jealous Yoshino
      > all. It looks like Yoshino's more insecure than she lets on. I got
      > impression that maybe perhaps Yoshino's worried that Rei might, for
      > whatever reason, decide that she likes Chisato more than Yoshino.

      This also hearkens back to something we got a glimpse of in her arc -
      this idea that Rei is only her souer because it's expected. I think
      that she can't help but be insecure - she's got a passionate nature,
      and Rei is sooo type B. If Rei were smart, she'd throw a few sweet
      nothings Yoshino's way to remind her how important she is to her. The
      cake works too, but I think the chocolate should have read. "To
      Yoshino - are you busy tonight?" LOL

      I thought that rei handled the date with real grace, though...she
      didn't *appear* to have any issues, was kind and sweet. The slips of
      the tongue were pretty human, we've all called people by someone
      else's name. In this case, it was kind of sad to think that Chisato
      thought she'd make an impression on Rei - but for us, it was nice to
      hear that Rei's whole heart is set on Yoshino.

      > > Gigantea Date
      > > Nobody in the episode seems that interested in this date including
      > > the participants, but this is probably the most interesting date
      > > me.

      Absolutely. I was dying to know what was going to happen.

      > > Shimako had brave words about it pre-date, but Shimako was the one
      > > who seems scared if anything.

      And Shizuka wasn't making this easy on her, either. No, "Hey, let's go
      bowling!" or anything.

      > Yeah, this one got me perked up too. Something is definitely going
      > here. Shimako is really nervous and Shizuka has this lean and hungry
      > look about her.

      I kept thinking that Shizuka had cat eyes - very intense and
      searching and yes, hungry.

      And the final scene with Sei and Shimako blows all my confident
      theories about them only being alike and not having anything between
      them. I'm wrong. :-) For whatever reason, I guess they just prefer to
      keep whatever connection they have private (and given Sei's history,
      it does make sense. Having already had one affair become the talk of
      the school, she'd hardly want to parade any other emotional
      connections she managed.)

      Well, that was a delightful end to the episodes and I definitely hope
      we'll get more!


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