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Hopelessly behind the times

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  • donna simone
    In my effort to catch up with the rest of you..... i have recently viewed a number of what i presume are past favorites. I cannot resist a couple of comments
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2004
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      In my effort to catch up with the rest of you..... i have recently viewed a number of what i presume are past favorites. I cannot resist  a couple of comments before the all knowing group. (i do apologize in advance for not being up to date on the downloadable new shows-Maramite & ROD TV - enough to add to the discourse.)

      Firstly, I just received the RG Utena Black Rose Saga set and am slowly consuming an episode a day. Please help me out - am I crazy or does the tone of the content change noticeably from the first run of episodes???  Within two shows I am awash in brother/sister attractions, teacher/student relations, multiple persons of truly evil intent, lots of dead students, and many more schoolgirls in military style uniforms. Whew, not the happy go lucky occasionally meanspirited Utena I remember. I guess this is why it is called the Black Rose Saga - it is more evil?

      Secondly, I finished the entire Noir series about a week ago and STILL i cannot forget it. What a marvelously told story. I am still amazed that everything ended not just the way I had hoped but the way it seemed it should. Pacing, emotional tone, character development, animation, music, i loved every minute. My goodness, i so much want to experience it all again, but alas it will never be the same. Like first love....

      Lastly, watched an older timer for the first time - Plastic Little - LOL - how different from everything else I am watching - art style, fan service and everything. Is PL an anomaly or is much of the older anime with implied Yuri loaded with beautifully drawn female bodies in gratuitous nakedness. Not that i am complaining - i am all for being able to watch beautiful naked women.....

      Okay sorry for the distraction of bringing up ancient history here but no one else i know would understand what i am talking about. thanks to this group for being here to humor me. Even if all of this is taken rhetorically.

      cheers, donnaneely - who has mostly been lurking while i did my yuri anime homework.

      P.S. next on list rest of Black Rose saga and then Air Master entire series.


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