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summary of Marimite ep 12

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  • Erin Subramanian
    spoiler space . . . . . . . . . . . . Yumi still isn t sure what to do on her date with Sachiko. She thinks to herself that she will ask Sachiko about it, but
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      spoiler space
      Yumi still isn't sure what to do on her date with Sachiko. She thinks to
      herself that she will ask Sachiko about it, but when she gets the
      opportunity, she ends up giving Sachiko a meeting time and place instead
      (11 am at some station).
      Yumi tries asking Yoshino for advice, but Yoshino is busy making a list
      of people who gave Rei chocolate for Valentine's Day, as Rei has to
      reciprocate on White Day. Yoshino is jealous of Yumi because Sachiko
      only accepted chocolates from Yumi. Yumi tries to bring up the subject
      of her date, but that reminds Yoshino about Rei's upcoming date. Yoshino
      tries to pretend she isn't worried about it, but of course she is.
      So Yumi decides to ask Shimako for advice, despite feeling a little
      guilty because Shimako has her own problem to deal with (her date is
      with Rosa Canina, Kanina Shizuka, who is kinda like a rival for her
      because she tried to run against her in the election to be next year's
      Rosa Gigantea, and because she likes Sei). But during their
      conversation, she realizes Shimako isn't in a good mood to ask for advice.
      Yumi runs into Tsutako, who tells her that she has been asked by Minako
      (head of the Newspaper Club) to take photos of the 3 couples on their
      dates for use in the newspaper.
      On the morning of the date, Yuuki (Yumi's brother) teases her a little,
      asking if she is nervous and joking that Sachiko might dump her (as a
      As Yumi is waiting for Sachiko, she runs into Tsutako. Tsutako guessed
      that the 3 couples would be going there for their dates because it is
      convenient to get to and has cheap, fun activities. As they are
      speaking, Tsutako notices that Rei has appeared there, and Tanuma
      Chisato as well. She runs off to follow them.
      Yumi wonders to herself if she is dressed down in just jeans. Just then,
      Sachiko shows up, looking pretty dressed up (high heels, skirt, nice
      shirt, scarf). Yumi realizes she was right... ^^
      Sachiko gives Yumi her half of the 3000 yen date cost (the cost for the
      White Rose date is being paid by the Newspaper Club in return for
      Shizuka writing a report on the date, but I'm not sure about the Yellow
      Rose date...).
      As they are walking, Sachiko stops to buy a dictionary. Yumi suggests
      that they wait until they are about to leave to buy it, because
      otherwise they'll have to carry it around. Sachiko seems to think Yumi
      was really smart to think of that, and Yumi thinks to herself that
      Sachiko must either get stuff delivered to her house or have someone to
      carry her bags for her when she goes shopping. A real ojou-sama... ^^
      Yoshino spots Sachiko and Yumi. She came because she was worried about
      Rei's date. She runs into Minako, who has unsuccessfully tried to
      disguise herself. Yoshino lies to Minako and tells her that she is
      meeting Yumi.
      Yumi and Sachiko go window shopping in a mall. Sachiko does pretty well,
      but comments afterward that she was bothered by salespeople trying to
      recommend products to her.
      Rei and Chisato go to a movie. Tsutako spots them and decides to go get
      lunch while she has the chance. As she is waiting in line, she sees
      Shimako and Shizuka walking separately.
      Minako runs into Tsutako, and the two of them discuss the situation.
      Tsutako comes up with a plan: they will have lunch, then wait outside
      the movie theater in hopes of catching Rei and Chisato on their way out.
      Shimako and Shizuka are going back to the Rose Mansion for their date.
      They have a kind of odd conversation...
      Yoshino spots Rei and Chisato, just as Chisato reaches out and puts her
      arm in Rei's... looks like bad news for Rei when the date is over,
      Yoshino is scary when she's angry... ^^
      Yumi takes Sachiko to a fast food restaurant for lunch. Sachiko orders
      correctly, but then when the employee puts the food out on the tray
      before her, she walks off without taking it! (so funny! :D) Then when
      she goes to eat the hamburger, she starts looking around on her tray for
      a fork and knife... (also very funny ^^) Yumi informs her that
      hamburgers are usually eaten with one's hands, but offers to go get her
      cutlery. Sachiko says no and proceeds to pull off a tiny bit of the
      hamburger and eat it. ^^
      They leave the restaurant, and Sachiko asks Yumi where they will be
      going next. Yumi is in trouble, because she hasn't come up with anything
      yet... Just then, Sachiko disappears!
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