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Re: [Yuricon] RE: Spoilers for Marimite ep 7

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  • Recycledmind
    awww...this is sooo cute. The more I read about Marimite, the more I want to read the actual novel....maybe I should take Japanese class just to be able to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2004
      awww...this is sooo cute.  The more I read about Marimite, the more I want to read the actual novel....maybe I should take Japanese class just to be able to read this novel :)
      Anyone interested in learning with me?  It'll be fun with more people ^__^

      Erica Friedman <alecto_fury@...> wrote:
      Here's another piece of crucial info from one of the lovely ladies of
      Lililicious, who thankfully, understands Japanese way better than I do!:



      Just FYI, here's a short synopsis I posted at the animesuki forum:
      Valentine's Day is approaching and Yumi doesn't know if she should give
      Sachiko chocolates or not (and if so, what she should give her), so she asks
      advice from various people. She is also not sure whether or not to do it
      because Shizuka tells her that last year Sachiko turned down all the
      chocolates she was offered.
      The Newspaper Club wants to do a big thing for Valentine's Day involving the
      boutons--they are planning a treasure hunt, with big prizes! ;) Originally
      they wanted the boutons to hide chocolate, but then after discussion they
      settled on different colored cards. The boutons will hide the cards
      somewhere within the Lillian grounds, and whoever finds them during the
      treasure hunt will win a date with the bouton whose card she found! That's
      why Yoshino gets so pissed off--she doesn't want anyone but her to date Rei!
      Thankfully, the boutons' petite soeurs are being allowed to participate in
      the treasure hunt (as are the Roses, although Rosa Gigantea seems to be the
      only one interested), so both Yoshino and Yumi really want to find their
      Onee-sama's cards and, at the same time, are worried that someone else will.
      The boutons are in charge of planning the treasure hunt, so they are
      spending a lot of time doing that and Yumi is sort of avoiding Sachiko
      because she doesn't want to have an unfair advantage in the contest. But,
      Sachiko misinterprets her actions (especially after walking into a room in
      the Rose Mansion when Sei and Yumi were having fun...well, Sei was having
      fun anyway ;)) and asks her if she has come to hate her. Yumi can't answer
      and starts crying instead.
      There is some other stuff that happens but I think those are the main points



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