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Re: Yuri Shimai 2

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  • clea
    ... Oh how I long to be an anime character in strawberry shake. As for the others, maybe my penchant for boob grabbing would no longer be such a social
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 4, 2004
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      Oh how I long to be an anime character in strawberry shake. As for
      the others, maybe my penchant for boob grabbing would no longer be
      such a social drawback.

      In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Sean Gaffney" <sean@c...> wrote:
      > I'm sure Erica will be surprised that I got this, since I told her
      > not 3 weeks ago I wasn't getting this. But I got a late Xmas
      > present, and decided to make it YS 1 and 2 from Amazon.jp.
      > from there, btw, is very fast (3 days) and very safe (insured) if
      > suck it up and choose the expensive option.)
      > So I decided, not being able to read Japanese and being a
      > heterosexuial male, I was in an ideal position to be giving my
      > thoughts on the second issue.
      > It's pretty good. Its one major drawback is an overabundance of
      > schoolgirl trauma stories, which get very boring all in a row.
      > Interesting columns (which I hope Lililicious will translate as
      > but will understand if they don't) include a look at yuri in
      > shonen manga (including Air Master, Angel/Dust, and Miyuki-chan in
      > Wonderland), a look at yuri-themed pop CDs, and what seems to be
      > Nenene and Yomiko acting cute and yuri while doing a 'recommended
      > reading' column.
      > I'll skip the novels, which have nice illustrations but mostly
      > me go 'ooooh, look, there's 'onna'! I recognize that one!'.
      > And the manga, in order:
      > 1) Some sort of Bottle Fairies pastiche, with 2 angel ornaments in
      > store being yuriesque. I imagine this is even more saccharine
      > it looks.
      > 2) School story. Some bondage, some boob grabbing, lotsa angst.
      > 3) See above, minus the bondage, but with lots more boob-
      > Do girls in Japan do this?
      > 4) Strawberry Shake, which is far more interesting than 90% of the
      > other stories, mostly as it's not in a school, and the lead girl
      > certifiably nuts. I am so pleased we're getting more of this.
      > of the volume.
      > 5) 2 girls stare moodily at each other for what seems like 80
      > but is only 16 pages. I felt like adding my own dialogue. "Her
      > was shining in the sun. I wanted to go to her. But instead I
      > down. She walked past me. I thought about The Jeffersons on DVD."
      > 6) Girl asks other girl to paint her. Very 'kawaii' character
      > design. More angst. (This being Yuri Shimai, it's not 'in the
      > they all die unhappily' angst, but the usual 'I must confess my
      > hidden burning loin passion' type stuff.
      > 7) MORE schoolgirl confessions. In color! (Police Squad!)
      > 8) What the hell? Um... girl brings ice-skating girlfriend hot
      > drink, is accidentally kicked in the head, has huge gaping head
      > wound. Very short, very 'Bah?' to the Japanese impaired such as I.
      > defense, this one prolly has the prettiest schoolgirls.
      > 9) An ancient princess, her maid, and their... laptop. OK,
      > not an ancient princess. This looked interesting, I'd want to see
      > this after Strawberry Shake.
      > Overall, despite the repetitive themes and locations, I found this
      > very worth the 838 yen. It gets the Sean Seal of Approval, which
      > anime lesbian fans swear by. :-D
      > --SG
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