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Re: ROD 19 and 20 - ^changed to spoilers...^

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  • Ka-chan
    ... SPOILER SPACING ... Appearantly not high enough knowledge or much of this MESS would have been averted in the first place. And Woo follows everyone s
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 3, 2004
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      > Actually....I'm guessing that Michelle was probably one of John
      > Woo's handlers. She's always had a higher knowledge of
      > Dokusensha operations and contacts, plus she can apparently
      > command him.

      Appearantly not high enough knowledge or much of this MESS would
      have been averted in the first place. And Woo follows everyone's
      orders around him. Note - Anita telling him to watch from the roof
      in 17/18 (can't remember which).

      > Since the Hong Kong incident, I'd say she's the only one left he's
      > trained to trust.

      This I would also highly doubt...

      Now onto the 19 and 20 stuffs (once again keeping in mind I only
      watched the raws and understood about one sentence in 10 - and that
      was of the rudimentary ones heh):

      Firstly my only real comment on 19 would be its really not quite
      fair that this agent fellow has 2 powers. Either he can morph to
      look like other people or he can be chameleon-like. Both really just
      isn't fair. :p

      As for 20...wow okay...are you telling me I really am expected to
      wait another 2 weeks for this?? That copter...Junior obviously was
      the one to make it go boom. But I was choking down little sobs with
      the scene afterwards. I really...SINCERELY...hope they're not really
      all just...GONE...like that...

      Though I *AM* glad that chibiko did what I've been wanting to do
      with that damn BOOK since about 2 episodes ago - destroy it! Why
      Yomiko didn't do so earlier is completely beyond my own reasoning.
      Perhaps there is *another* key to this book? Maybe it is somehow
      connected to Donnie? Maybe even that the Donnie/Gentleman theories
      we've been coming up with are somehow not horridly off-mark? Else I
      certainly *hope* that Yomiko would have 'taken care' of it much
      sooner...only reason I even bring this up is because she certainly
      looked like that book was important to her as well when Anita threw
      it in.

      And on a semi-happier note... @Joker - hahah! Even your 'alternative
      plan' is up in smoke now jackass! -_-;; Okay I'm done I think.

      ~Ka - who promises to get off the caffiene high at some point...~
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