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Re: in other weird news....or meybe not so weird.......

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  • sacranoidclub@yahoo.com
    sigh.....things to make no sence though...... ... to ... cool, ... later ... to ... we ... the ... luck
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30, 2004
      sigh.....things to make no sence though......

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, sacranoidclub@y... wrote:
      > in something of weird i think right now i have to say.
      > last semster at my local collegei found out there was a
      > gay/lez/bi/trans/others club and i just walked into a meeting and
      > see what was going on. just to let you know im an allie of them now
      > and i am a str male.....which leads to the weird thing going on....
      > last week we had our fist meeting of the new semster and we need to
      > fill in some spots to run the club so i ran for the vice pres spot
      > and got it...not that there was anyone esle wnating it though.....
      > out club pres is gay and very open about his tatse though....he
      > but there is just some things you dont wnat to know about other sex
      > lives though.....
      > out tresure is a black lady who is planning on getting married
      > this year, and we have many other members who are all very cool.
      > i just thought that i would share with everyone on here about out
      > club if anyone wanted to drop by for a metting or see our message
      > board on yahoo.
      > out clubs name is clc open closet 2 for the yahoo group
      > our new meetings for the semster are going to on mondays from 2pm
      > 3:30pm at the college of lake county in grayslake, ILL. what room
      > are going to be right now i am not sure since we decdided to move
      > things around last week at out meeting.
      > we do have sevral anime fans that are memebers also and we are very
      > cool to deal with. we are planning on sevral events comeing up in
      > next couple of months so if anyone is in our neck of the woods and
      > wants to say hi drop in.
      > thanks again for eveyones time in reading this and wish us good
      > for getting a bit better and increase our memebrship this year.
      > jason walters, VP of the open closet club.
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