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Shoujoai ni Bokuen, Issue 80

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    Shoujoai ni Bokuen: The Adventures of Yuriko The Story So Far: The case against Yuriko will probably go to court and Yuriko has reluctantly agreed. She and
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      Shoujoai ni Bokuen: The Adventures of Yuriko

      The Story So Far: The case against Yuriko will probably go to court
      and Yuriko has reluctantly agreed. She and Midori have just had the
      beginnings of a row.

      Volume 5, Issue 6

      "Stars Come Out"

      Yuriko spun where she stood and walked back out to the main room of
      the apartment. Midori sat at the settee in front of the window, her
      hands folded neatly in her lap, her face a blank.


      "I'm sorry," Midori said. "I don't know what came over me."

      Yuriko walked over to where Midori sat, then kneeled in front of the
      settee. She placed one hand on top of Midori's clasped hands. "Hey,"
      she said gently.

      "I'm not sure where that even came from."

      "I can stay if you'd like."

      Midori looked at Yuriko, as if she only just realized that she was not
      alone. "No, no. Don't be silly. You need to do what you need to do."
      She patted Yuriko's hand with her own, as if Yuriko needed reassuring.

      "I'm sorry."

      Midori looked down into Yuriko's eyes. "No."


      "No, I *don't* want to not see you anymore."

      "Oh." Yuriko met Midori's gaze. "Oh." Her face lit up as she said,

      Midori laughed at the delighted tone of Yuriko's comment. "It's
      getting late, Yuri. Go home and I'll see you in the morning."

      Yuriko leaned forward and took Midori's face in her hands. She kissed
      Midori deeply.

      "I *will* see you in the morning, right?"

      Midori kissed Yuriko again lightly. "Of course."

      Yuriko rose slowly, keeping Midori's hand in her own. Midori remained
      seated, while Yuriko backed away, letting her hand slip through
      Midori's. She kept her eyes on the other woman until she was at the
      door. Pressing her fingertips against her lips, Yuriko blew a kiss
      lightly towards Midori, who held up a hand in farewell.

      Yuriko pulled her coat close about her as she got out of the cab. The
      wind was biting, cutting through the thick cloth. She paid the driver,
      turned towards the building and hunched against the chill.

      Just as she opened the front door to the building a figure approached
      her, putting a hand on her arm. Yuriko jumped and spun to face the
      figure, hissing with shock.

      "I'm so sorry!" Sayaka yelped as she jumped back, a hand on her chest
      in alarm.

      Yuriko looked at the girl, who was shivering with cold and sudden
      fright. "What are you doing here?" she asked reflexively, then
      immediately waved away the question. "Come on inside - it's too cold
      out here to talk." She opened the door, gesturing for the girl to
      precede her. Sayaka, her head bowed down, stepped into the building.

      Neither of them spoke, until they were standing in Yuriko's apartment.
      Sayaka stood diffidently, looking like she was trying to find
      something to do with her hands.

      "Well, don't just stand there," Yuriko said a bit harshly, "come on
      in." She dropped her coat over the couch and stepped into the kitchen
      to make the expected tea. Sayaka seated herself, perching nervously on
      the edge of her seat. Yuriko plopped a cup in front of the girl and
      threw herself limblessly into the seat opposite.

      "I'm sorry if I seem a bit rude tonight - I've got a lot on my mind."
      Yuriko said, by way of apology. "What's on yours?"

      Sayaka sipped at her tea. "I'm sorry to bother you, Yuriko-kun, it's
      just that...well..." she seemed to be unwilling to finish her thought.
      Yuriko waited patiently.

      "It's just that I was worried!" Sayaka blurted. "You disappeared from
      school and no one knows anything, but there's rumors everywhere and
      some of them say that you did something terrible and I don't know what
      to believe because no one seems to know anything." The girl panted
      lightly as she completed her thought.

      Yuriko said nothing.

      As if the outburst had released something pent up inside her, Sayaka
      seemed to get herself under control. "I'm sorry," she said. "I must
      sound ridiculous, don't I? But I *am* worried - we all are."

      "We?" Yuriko asked.

      "Aya-san, the girls on the team, Hiroyuki-kun," Yuriko couldn't help
      but notice the slight coloring of Sayaka's cheeks at the use of Sato's
      given name, "Yamazaki-kun...everyone."

      "How gratifying," Yuriko commented wryly.

      Sayaka sat back slightly. "Oh." She pulled herself together, smoothing
      the skirt over her legs. "I'm still doing that thing, aren't I? That
      "kid" thing again."

      Yuriko gave the girl a tight smile. "Just a little." She pulled off
      her glasses and rubbed her eyes. "And I'm doing that irritating adult
      thing again." She put her glasses back on. "I'll stop if you will."

      Sayaka smiled with relief. "It's a deal. Is there...is there anything
      I, we, can do for you? We really are all worried."

      "I'm afraid not. Not this time - not even a concerted effort by the
      basketball team will help."

      Sayaka considered this. "Can you tell me? What happened, I mean?"

      "No, I can't," Yuriko said sadly. "I can't talk about it at all. I can
      and will tell you this - I didn't do anything that would make my
      sempai lose face."

      Sayaka gave Yuriko a very understanding, very adult, smile. "Before I
      go, can I be childish once more? I have," to Yuriko's surprise, she
      could see color flame across Sayaka's cheeks, "I have a question I
      wanted to ask you - I don't really have anyone else to, well anyone
      else that I'd feel comfortable asking."

      Yuriko looked at the girl over the rim of her teacup. "If I can, I'll
      help. What's the question?"

      Sayaka looked down at the teacup on the table in front of her. Softly,
      she asked, "How do you know if you're in love?"

      "Love, huh?" Yuriko sat for a moment in complete silence, then with a
      bark of laughter said, "I don't know about anyone else, but for me -
      it feels alot like the flu. My temperature rises, I feel dizzy and
      sick and sweat a lot."

      Sayaka blushed adorably. "Well then, I think I'm in love."

      To Be Continued

      Shoujoai ni Bokuen, all characters and situations, copyright 2001
      E. Friedman
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