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A classic "YajiKita" yuri moment

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  • atheniag
    This kind of scene is exactly why I would love to see a new YajiKita: Yaji s (Yajima Junko) mother has decided that she s out of control and has taken Yaji out
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
      This kind of scene is exactly why I would love to see a new YajiKita:

      Yaji's (Yajima Junko) mother has decided that she's out of control and
      has taken Yaji out of her usual gang-infested school, enrolling her in
      Ryuujin Girl's school in Hakone (a lake at the foot of Fuji...well out
      of town.)

      Ironically, Kita's (Shinokita Reiko) mother paid Kita a visit, and
      asked her to look after her younger sister, who just *happens* to be
      attending...Ryuujin Girls' School.

      ("Kusare-en" - an undesirable, but inseparable relationship. It's how
      Yaji and Kita describe their relationship. LOL)

      So Yaji and Kita travel to Hakone, where they meet Kita's adorable,
      doll-like younger sister, are immediately attacked by a gang, etc,

      Yaji is going to room with Kita's sister, Sanae. Kita has been
      assigned the room next door. Here's the scene:

      Kita sits alone in her room. The door opens and a blonde girl walks
      in, stares at Kita in shock for a microsecond, then *launches* herself
      at Kita, screaming in joy. She keeps calling Kita "'neesan" and trying
      to embrace Kita (who is scrambling to get away, as usual.) The girl
      says, "don't you remember me?" And, big surprise, Kita doesn't. Turns
      out the girl was a part-time geisha in an earlier chapter, who fell
      pretty hard for Kita. Her parents didn't like her working as a geisha
      and shipped her off here.

      Kita manages to break free and escapes into Yaji and Sanae's room,
      where she leans on the door, so it can't be opened.

      The girl next door says, "Why'd you run away?"

      Kita is moaning, "Why does it always have to BE this way? Why can't
      they hate me?"

      Yaji looks up and says, "What's the fuss?" and starts to laugh. "Girl
      trouble already? This is exceptionally fast - even for you."

      A which point, the girl calls out for Kita to come back. Sanae's like,
      "Yoshinaga-san?" and Yaji snaps her fingers - she remembers the voice

      Sanae asks what's up...Yaji gives a biased version, "Ah, it was about
      a seduction..." at which Kita freaks.

      Meanwhile, Yoshinaga's on the other side of the door. "Fine, be that
      way - but soon it'll be lights out." And she stalks off, laughing,
      because she's a Scorpio, and will get her girl no matter what she has
      to do to get her.

      This series is really lots o'fun. I can only *imagine* what it might
      be like now, in our year of the lily. LOL


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