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"Maria-sama ga Miteru" manga synopsis - LONG

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  • atheniag
    OK, kids - been reading the Maria-sama manga with great interest. I thought I d give you a quick summary of the plot so far (up to Chapter 4.) To be fair, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2003
      OK, kids - been reading the Maria-sama manga with great interest. I
      thought I'd give you a quick summary of the plot so far (up to Chapter
      4.) To be fair, I have not seen Chapter 1, but there are flashbacks
      and a "story so far."

      The heroine, Fukuzawa Yumi, is a cute first-year student Lillian
      Girls' School, a private Catholic academy.

      The Student council is called the Mountain Lilies, and the senior
      students, as you probably already know, are known by three rose
      species: Rosa Gigantea (white); Rosa Foetida (yellow) and; Rosa
      Chinensis (Sinensis is how we spell that species and its red.) The
      Rosas typically pick a junior from the second-year class , known as
      the "Rosa XXX en bouton." Each En Bouton is eligible to pick a junior
      from the first-year class, known as the "Rosa XXX en bouton petite
      soeur." (I.e., "little sister. I know that much French, at least.) Got
      that? Good.

      The Rosa Foetida is Torii Eriko, her En Bouton is Hasekura Rei. Rei is
      ultra-cool and unflappable and she finds Yumi adorable. Her Petite
      Soeur is Shimatsu Shino, a very sweet and shy-type girl.

      The Rosa Gigantea is Satou Sei - another uber-cool character, with a
      great personality. The En Bouton for Gigantea is a first-year, a very
      perceptive and forthright (despite her delicate appearance) girl named
      Toudo Shimako. We learn later that Shimako actually *asked* to be
      Petite Soeur.

      The Rosa Chinensis is Mizuno Youko - she seems like a really solid
      person, with a teeny bit of a mischievous nature. Her En Bouton is
      Ogasawara Sachiko, a moody and mysterious person. Sachiko does not
      like many things - including men, ginkgoes and sakura. She is reticent
      about many things, but not about her desire to have Yumi as her Petite

      Chapter 1

      Yumi has always admired Sachiko, right from the first time she saw
      her. Sachiko is cool, and a little distant, beautiful and very
      talented. Yumi discovers Sachiko in the act of doing something...erm,
      not good. I don't know what, but the "story so far" made it sound like
      a prank of some kind. A member of the Photography Club gets a picture
      of Yumi and posts it for the school to see. The next day Sachiko drags
      Yumi in front of the Lily Council and announces that she wants Yumi to
      be her little sister. To everyone's shock and really, for no reason
      she can put her finger on, Yumi says no.

      Chapter 2

      Yumi says no, but...asks that Sachiko be released from her role as
      Cinderella in the play, because Sachiko herself has asked and been
      turned down several times. The Rosas consider the request. Their
      verdict is to make Yumi one of the actors, to assist Sachiko. IF Yumi
      just HAPPENS to accept Sachiko's rosary and become Petite Soeur,
      she'll have no time to act and she can be released from her role.

      Rumors are circulating about her refusal to accept Sachiko's Rosary
      and everyone is talking about her. The newspaper club even wants an
      interview! Yumi is a little depressed, because she really does admire
      Sachiko. She remembers seeing her for the first time playing the piano
      when the new students were touring. Yumi sits down at the piano and
      begins to play, until someone surprises her from behind. It's Sachiko!
      They play a duet, until Yumi, distracted by Sachiko's closeness

      They walk together towards practice for the play. A teacher stops them
      and asks if the rumors of Yumi's refusal are true. Yumi begins to
      explain, but Sachiko cuts in with a smile and apologizes for causing
      such a fuss. She instructs Yumi that rumors and gossip will happen
      anyway, but that if you try to explain yourself, it only prolongs the
      process. Ultimately Yumi returnes to her classroom, where the new
      rumors of her role in the play have circulated. Yumi, remembering
      Sachiko's advice tries to put them off, but then a classmate asks if
      this has something to do with Sachiko. Yumi, can't help but think of
      the smile on Sachiko-sama's face as she spoke to the teacher. Yumi is
      sure that that smile hides some inner pain, and for no reason she can
      think of, begins to cry.

      Chapter 3

      At lunch, Shimako asks Yumi to eat with her. She tells Yumi that she
      was surprised that she said no to Sachiko...mostly because she thinks
      the two of them suit each other. She is sure that eventually Yumi will
      take Sachiko's rosary...and that they have met for a reason.

      The first dance lesson for the play. Yumi is a klutz, and suitably
      mortified by her clumsiness. Youko realizes Yumi's problem and pulls
      her aside, incidentally telling her about Sachiko when she first
      arrived - how she was very social and loved dancing. (This is
      accompanied by a shot of Rei and Sachiko dancing.) Youko tells Yumi to
      keep up the good work and asks if anyone is willing to practice with
      Yumi. Rei says she will, leaving Sachiko to dance alone - which
      captivates Yumi.

      Yumi is eating lunch with Shimako and another friend, when Sachiko
      finds them and hands her a copy of the script, asking her to memorize
      a buttload of lines. Sachiko asks why they chose such a place to eat,
      and shivers as if she's cold. Yumi says that its away from the prying
      eyes of the newspaper club. After Sachiko leaves, Shimako comments
      that Sachiko REALLY hates sakura and gingkoes...and if she came all
      that way into the trees to find Yumi, it was really meaningful, script
      be damned.

      Yumi comes to the Yuri Castle (where the Council all live, and
      frankly, if the author herself stood in front of me and swore on a
      stack of bibles that that was NOT meant to be symbolic, I'd laugh in
      her face) early, where she meets Sei, who ends up snuggling her,
      because she's really adorable. Sei pulls Yumi's collar back and asks
      why she's not wearing Sachiko's rosary, geez, already. When Sachiko
      enters, Sei jokes that she was doing it near the window as fanservice.

      Sachiko asks Yumi if she looked at the script. Yumi says that she
      doesn't remember it all. Sachiko launches into the scene where the
      Prince, now played by Yumi, offers her a "bride's golden cloak" and
      asks her to the ball. As they play the scene, Sachiko stands behind
      yumi, and lays her hand on Yumi's neck, where the rosary would be
      visible (same place Sei looked, just a moment ago. It's an exquisitely
      torturous scene and Yumi loses pretty much all her concentration and
      dignity during it.)

      Sachiko and Yumi wander off to find the rest of the actors, but
      instead run into the Fine Arts and Handicrafts clubs, who ask if the
      Rosas would like to commission anything. The girls all tell Yumi that
      she's lucky - it's a dream to be invited to be a Rosa. Yumi once again
      can't really understand why she said no - she really likes Sachiko
      (suki, not akogare, now) but...

      Chapter 4

      As Yumi walks towards Yuri Mansion, she hears a song from her
      childhood "Maria-sama's Heart." There's a line about sapphires which
      she never understood, but is taken out of her thoughts by the
      appearance of Shino, who escorts her to the mansion where the council
      has received red and white curries made by the cooking club, yum. They
      have an extra portion, because the Rosa Gigantea has not third person,
      but, hey, since the guy who will be playing the Prince is coming
      today, he can eat it!

      Sei tells Yumi that one of the reasons she invited a guy to play the
      role, instead of a girl from their school was to try and get Sachiko
      to snap out of her dislike for men. She figures that if the guy is
      just a nice, decent guy, maybe it'll rehabilitate Sachiko, or at least
      thaw her out.

      Yumi is sent off to bring Kashiwagi Suguru, president of the Student
      Council of Hanadera Boy's Buddhist School, to the Yuri Mansion. He's
      appallingly pleasant and smart and funny. But, just as he's being
      introduced around, Yumi realizes that Sachiko has disappeared. She
      remembers seeing her wandering by the library and runs off to find

      Yumi finds Sachiko in the music room. Sachiko admits that she is very
      reluctant to dance with this guy. But, she doesn't want to run away,
      because running away is admitting defeat and she doesn't want to be
      defeated by things she doesn't like. She asks Yumi for a dance, just
      to smooth out her footing. As they dance, Yumi is over the moon, but
      when the same song starts up, Sachiko wonders out loud about the
      sapphire reference and Yumi, once again captivated to distraction
      stops dancing. Sachiko thanks her for dancing with her, to which Yumi
      replies that she's enjoying it too - and she doesn't know what that
      line means, either.

      Sachiko introduces herself to Kashiwagi and they begin to rehearse...
      and, although Sachiko dances, she never smiles. Sei asks Sachiko for a
      small smile, at least. Sachiko replies that she's not a hostess (like
      at a hostess bar), but that she'll smile for the real performance. As
      she stalks off, Yumi remembers her words about not wanting to lose.

      And that's where we are! I'm sorry for the length, but I thought you'd
      all want to know what's happening in this long-awaited story. :-) I
      hope to have some scans of the most romantic moments eventually.



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