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Re: [Yuricon] Re: ROD the TV 13 thoughts and some spoilers.

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  • Chalcahuite
    ... I think its a physical manifestation of her guilty conscience warring with her devotion and loyalty to Mr. Carpenter. I can imagine the closer they get to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2003
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      On 12/4/03 2:39 PM, "Erica Friedman" <alecto_fury@...> wrote:

      >> I'll have to rewatch the scene with Wendy, as the only thing that jumped
      >> out
      >> at me was how much her hands were shaking. That's never a good sign.
      > All through Ep. 14, she is so jumpy and nervy. I definitely wonder what;s up
      > with her.

      I think its a physical manifestation of her guilty conscience warring with
      her devotion and loyalty to Mr. Carpenter. I can imagine the closer they get
      to their goal, the more likely she'll have a nervous breakdown.

      >> Lee was mostly on target, though, I wonder what's the significance of the
      >> lighter.
      > Nenene gave it to him for Xmas, but other than that, I have no idea.

      That's probably it. I just forgot that little tidbit, even though it was a
      couple of episodes ago.

      >> I don't know but I thought there was going to be something creepy in the
      >> scene between Junior and Michelle, or maybe I was just projecting. ;)
      > No, Junior is getting really weird. I don't know if he's breaking down
      > emotionally or wht - Mr. Carpenter and Wendy are always nice,
      > polite/affectionate to him, yet he reacts constantly (as you'll see in 14)
      > like he's being scolded.

      Maybe its the cold affection he's adversely reacting to. That distant
      politeness that says I don't care for you at all, but I'm too polite to be
      mean to you about it. I get that way with customers a lot. It could also be
      that he's discovering his emotions. They treat him like a pet, not a human
      being and until he met Anita, he didn't know any better. Or he could be just
      well be on his way to becoming a loon. I'll comment more after episode 14.

      >> I predict that the series will shift back to Japan, at least temporarily,
      >> and there will be a mushy reunion between Anita and Hisami.
      > As of 14, that's suspended. We turn to watch the other side for a little
      > while, at least.

      Hmm. Oh well, then I'll amend it to say at some point later in the series.

      >> Maybe Episode 14 will clear things up, but, I still have no clear idea what
      >> Joker/Mr. Carpenter is after. And I'll have to double check, but I wonder
      >> if
      >> that ring was something he wore at the British Library.
      > Yeah - I wondered about the ring, too. I'm betting that it's Gentleman's,
      > and that Junior is actually *his* progeny/clone. It would explain why Mr.
      > Carpenter is so adoring of him, without being...fatherly.

      I see we're back to "who's your Daddy and what does he do?" Gentleman was
      creepy, Junior's becoming creepy, hmm, could be. Yeah, it does explain why
      Carpenter is not fatherly, towards Junior, but he's also affectionate
      towards Wendy too, and it just could be, "You're beneath me, but I'm too
      proper to be openly contemptuous of you." At this point, I think whatever
      relationships Carpenter has are just a means to an end. But, really I wish
      there were more episodes out, so we could just find out already.

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