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Yuricon ML Not-Asked-Enough Questions

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  • atheniag
    I rewrote these a bit today, so I thought it might be nice to post them for everyone s edification. Subscription Questions How do I subscribe to the Yuricon
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      I rewrote these a bit today, so I thought it might be nice to post
      them for everyone's edification.

      Subscription Questions

      How do I subscribe to the Yuricon mailing list?

      You can subscribe to the mailing list in two ways:

      Send an email to Yuricon-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


      Sign up with Yahoogroups, then go to

      The second choice allows for more options, plus access to the group
      files, bookmarks and message archive.

      Is there an announcements-only list?

      Yes! We realize that our community is very active, and not everyone
      wants a mailbox full of chit chat, anime reviews and the like. You
      cannot post anything on this list and you will *only* receive posts in
      the form of Special Announcements

      You can join our Yuricon_announce list in two ways:

      Send an email to Yuricon_announce-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


      Sign up with Yahoogroups, then go to

      How do I unsubscribe?

      Unsubscribe by sending an email to


      Edit your membership status at your "MyGroups" page at Yahoogroups.

      How do I post?

      You can post by sending an email to Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, or by
      clicking 'Post' on the Yuricon list home page, or your MyGroups page.

      Can I (where can I) change my delivery settings for the list?

      You can change your delivery status on the Yuricon list home page at
      Yahoogroups - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon The options are
      individual emails, a daily digest or reading the group on the web.

      Topic Questions

      What's off-topic, or can I post pretty much anything?

      Within reason - pretty much anything. The following are always

      1) Violent or threatening language against another member.
      2) Homophobic, misogynist or misanthropic statements meant with
      unpleasant intent. In other words, no bashing - of any kind.
      3) Spam or other mass sales messages

      These will be dealt with by immediate suspension from the list, no

      More specifically, Yuricon is a celebration of shoujoai and yuri in
      anime and manga - that is, anything and everything having to do with
      girl/girl relationships in Japanese animation and comics. Anything
      relating to anime and lesbianism is on topic. Yuricon is yaoi and
      straight friendly, just remember where the focus of the group is. But
      generally, personal chitchat is highly encouraged!

      Can I post fics or art?

      Links to new yuri/shoujoai fiction or art are strongly encouraged, but
      yes, you can post them on the group. If the file is exceptionally
      large - especially art files, you might want to upload it to the Files
      section of the Yuricon group page at http://groups.yahoo.
      com/group/Yuricon/files rather than sending it as an attachment.

      Please keep art and fics tasteful - hentai/ecchi is fine (although it
      should be well-labeled in the subject line) but *please* don't post
      anything horribly explicit without permission from the list owner. And
      if you're not *entirely* sure - run it by the list owner anyway, she's
      notorious for her standards

      Who holds the copyright on anything I post?

      You hold the copyright on all original ideas and work. It is your and
      yours alone. We *might* ask to use something you've written or drawn,
      but we'll ask you first, and credit you if we use it.

      Fan art and fics are only your copyright in so far as you own that
      specific idea - which is to say, legally, you don't. :-)

      Any use of ALC/Yuricon copyrighted characters (Yuriko and all other
      SnB characters) are the property of ALC/Yuricon - but we're a bunch of
      nice people and will ask you if we want to use them in something,
      you'll be credited properly, we promise.

      Where can I read other people's fics or see their art?

      Fan art for SnB can be seen on the two art galleries at
      http://www.yuricon.org/gallery.htm and

      Fan fiction for SnB can be found on the main SnB page at http://www.

      Contest winners can be found at http://www.yuricon.org/contests.htm

      Other art and fics can be found in the files section of the Yuricon
      list page -
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/files or in the general
      archive (see below)

      Where is the list archive?

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/messages - you can search the
      archive by date, name or keyword

      General List Questions

      Is this list moderated?

      Yes and no. The owner believes in giving everyone the illusion of
      democracy while actually running the list as a benevolent
      dictatorship. There is a moderator and she, and the list owner, are
      frequent posters on the list. If there is a problem, one of them will
      give the involved parties *one* polite warning, followed by a
      suspension for a second problem. There is no appeal for this - you
      already had your second chance.

      There is no proactive moderation - that is, you're posts do not have
      to be approved to be seen by the list. We ask that you self-moderate
      to avoid any unpleasant situations.

      If you are having any problems at all, with the list, or with someone
      on the list, you can contact the list owner at anilesbocon01@hotmail.
      com or the list moderator at kun@....

      What if a member of the list is harassing me off-list?

      We are terribly sorry about that, but we simply cannot be responsible
      for our members for the entirety of their lives. We'll be glad to help
      with your on list problems...off list you'll have to figure out

      Are guys/straight/bi/transgendered folks welcome here - or will I be
      flamed to perdition for posting?

      Heck yeah you're welcome! More than welcome. Yuricon is about the
      celebration of girls in love - and we don't care who brought the
      drinks. LOL

      Flaming is not allowed, period, so if you do get flamed for opining
      that Tomoyo ain't a baby dyke, then just let the list moderator know
      and she'll deal with it (if she hasn't already.) If you've joined the
      list to make trouble - or you hate yuri and are expounding upon its
      evils, then expect to be escorted off the list pretty quickly. Other
      than that, we're an open community - anyone welcome and we don't
      really need to know your sexual preference or gender assignment,
      that's not the issue.

      One last thing about this - Yuricon is by and for women who like
      women. So while we are yaoi and straight anime and manga friendly,
      remember the aesthetic is really ours. Don't be surprised if it
      differs slightly from general boy-run stuff.

      Yahoogroups? Ewwww┬ů.

      Yeah, we know. But it's free, easy to access and has things like
      archives, files, polls, bookmarks, etc, all of which are nice to have.

      General ALC/Yuricon Policies

      Copyright/Ownership Disclaimer

      AniLesboCon is a copyright 2000, Dreiser, and used with permission.
      AniLesboCon, ALC Publishing, Yuricon, Yuriko, Yuricon, Yurikon,
      Shoujoai ni Bokuen, (including all characters and situations) are
      copyrighted 2001-3, E. Friedman.

      Use of these terms, characters or situations without permission is a
      really tacky thing to do. Fan art and fics are greatly appreciated and
      will be showcased on the Yuricon site. Unauthorized use of any of the
      above will result in prosecution, which will make us all unhappy, so
      don't, please. Ask first.

      Privacy Policy

      It is not Yuricon/ALC's policy to use their mailing list, member
      information or contact info for anything at all other than
      Yuricon/ALC-related communication. We don't sell mailing lists, member
      demographics, poll info or anything. Mostly because no one has ever
      offered us any money for any of that. But if they did, unless it was a
      very great deal of money, we'd turn them down, because we value our
      privacy too.

      Community Standards

      Common courtesy is the most important single quality necessary at
      Yuricon. We're all here to have fun, so try to keep that in mind.
      Here's some basic rules of thumb:

      1) Remember, this is not real life. It's a computer and the person you
      are screaming at is a name in text. Turn the computer off and walk
      away until you don't see red instead of responding to a post in anger.

      2) Be polite - even if it kills you

      3) No one is "right" anymore than anyone is "wrong." You may disagree
      but your point of view is only one of many, please allow others

      4) Do not out people or otherwise use real-life personal info that is
      private without their consent. This will not be tolerated on the list
      and may well open you up to a real-life lawsuit.

      5) Have fun. If it's not fun, go away from the list for a while. When
      you miss us, come back.

      There simply is no reason whatsoever to get enraged by anything online
      - it can't hurt you unless you let it. Try to remember that this is
      just an adjunct to a fun life - not a substitute for one. :-)

      Yuricon's mission is to openly enjoy and celebrate all forms of yuri
      and shoujoai. If that's what you want to do - you're in the right

      Important URLS/email addresses to Bookmark

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon - Yuricon Mailing List Home Page

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/messages - Yuricon Message

      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Yuricon/files - Yuricon Files

      Yuricon-subscribe@yahoogroups.com - Subscribe to the Yuricon Mailing

      Yuricon-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com - Unsubscribe from the Yuricon
      Mailing List

      Yuricon@yahoogroups.com - Post to the Yuricon Mailing List
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      ... The post that never ends... o.0~ *does a little neverending dance* ;p Kun
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        > Important URLS/email addresses to Bookmark

        The post that never ends... o.0~

        *does a little neverending dance*

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