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Re: [Yuricon] Aim for the Ace!

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    ... From: atheniag ... UTENA I love this anime too. I ve watched the (wonderful) Technogirls subbed version and was very happy to
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 23, 2003
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      From: "atheniag" <"e.l.f."@...>

      > I finally had a chance to watch the first episode of this classic
      > anime and I can barely stop laughing. It's all so wonderfully
      > melodramatic.

      UTENA>> I love this anime too. I've watched the (wonderful) Technogirls
      subbed version and was very happy to get the 1978's movie using torrent.
      I'm really fan of 70's style.

      > Ace wo nerae, (Aim for the Ace) was done in the early 70's, based on a
      > manga of the same name by Yamomoto Sumika. Briefly, it's Oniisama E on
      > tennis. :-)
      > The character designs are stongly reminiscent of Ikeda Riyoko's
      > Oniisama E characters and the situations aren't dissimilar, but Ace wo
      > Nerae came first, I'm pretty sure.

      UTENA>> Ace Wo Nerae and Oniisama E animated version are related because
      both were direct by Osamu Dezaki and had Akio Sugino's character design.
      Oniisama E resembles a lot second the Ace Wo Nerae serie's character
      design. Talking about the manga version, I have part of Ace (started in
      1972, the same year of Rose of Versailles) and Oniisama E (1975) and I think
      both authors follow the 70's style for this kind of story, the common girl
      (Hiromi-Nanako), the beautiful blond lady (Rika-Miya) and so on. And in the
      hands of Dezaki-Sugino they got very similar. For exemple, the clock tower
      as a refuge for the heroine was introduced by them.

      > For high shoujo(ai)drama, Aim for the Ace is charmingly classic.

      UTENA>> And I have high expectations concerning to the live action. :)

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