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I think I've got "Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito" figured out

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  • Erica Friedman
    OK, I m starting to figure this one out. Fir starters, it s based on a game, with which I have no familiarity. Adam made the worlds. The Gods threatened the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003
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      OK, I'm starting to figure this one out. Fir starters, it's based on a game,
      with which I have no familiarity.

      Adam made the worlds. The "Gods" threatened the worlds, and Adam created the
      Library, which stores each world in a book. Adam created the Librarian, Yami
      and, assumably, the Hat. Yami and the hat are travelers in the books, hence
      the title - "Yami and the Hat, Travelers of the Books." So far so good.
      Yami gave the hat to Lilith, after or during the process of dumping her, and
      she is stuck in the library with one of the most pointless sets of
      sidekicks/stuffed animals ever.

      Eve is another being who travels from world to world, i.e., book to book, to
      play around, according to lilith. But from what we can see, she basically
      becomes a sweet, gentle creature who suffers great pain, and she is always
      mute. WHY she's in each world is not really clear. But it is clear that it
      is because of her that the story's absurd villain, Gargantua, is who he is.
      Well, because of Eve and the fact that he's a sociopathic moron.

      That's the backstory. Now, as for the anime, one of Eve's incarnations,
      known as Hatsumi, is the adorable, yet mute, older sister of the incredibly
      hunky Hatsuki. Hatsuki falls hard for Hatsumi, because I think that's part
      of Eve's fate - people fall in love with her in every world. Hatsumi
      disappears on her 16th birthday and Hatsuki, now with enchanted sword,
      determines to find her.

      Lilith meets Hatsuki and falls in love with her, ostensibly because she
      looks like Yami. That doesn't explain why every other girl who sees her
      falls in love with her.

      The fact that it is clearly a bishoujo game from which this was adapted,

      Hatsuki is obviously taking the place of the player in the game, so all the
      ridiculously well-endowed and scantily clad women keep throwing themselves
      at her. It's silly, but it's keeping me interested. Too bad she's a
      monomaniac and uninterested. (Presumably unlike any male player of the

      Where on earth this story could *possibly* go, other than nowhere, is of
      interest to me, as well.

      And I'm guessing that it's Yami who is the narrator of the story.

      What on Earth this has to do with Eve is anyone's guess...I lay ten bucks
      that this plot is never anything like fully resovled. Takers?

      Oh, and Gargantua is as annoying as the bird. He and his comedic
      henchmen...there is a special level of hell for writers who come up with
      characters like these.



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