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R.O.D TV episodes 2-4

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  • Ka Smith
    Okay since this series has either been lost in the closet or just plain become out of sight, out of mind I thought that I might post my thoughts for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      Okay since this series has either been lost in the closet or just
      plain become 'out of sight, out of mind' I thought that I might post
      my thoughts for discussion (or lack thereof).

      Episode 2 -
      Okay so Nenene goes back to Japan. And now finds herself with the 3
      paper sisters who are insistent that they are still her bodyguards.
      (We all know its because they're poor and they were just looking for
      work anyway, but still). The editor sets them up with an
      apartment...if you can call it that...and gives them a very SMALL
      amount of cash to live on. Convinced that in order to protect Nenene
      to be closer to her they move in to *her* place. Nenene is, to say
      the least, not entertained by the idea. Frustrated by their actions
      the previous evening when she leaves for work she tells them to
      leave by the time she returns. Michelle and Maggie 'clean'
      and 'cook' for Nenene while she is gone (though their attempts are
      whole-hearted...lets just say its *their* versions of doing so), and
      attempt to make it so that they can prove their worth. Nenene is
      less-than-impressed at their turned-sour attempts and shunts them
      out on the street. Realizing how hard they had indeed tried to work
      she collects them on the street with the requirement that they do
      all the cleaning and cooking around the house.

      Okay so this was kinda a 'ho-hum' episode to me. Little action,
      though I will admit the interactions were funny. And...as I will
      undoubtably note many times in the future...Maggie is incredibly

      Episode 3 -
      The girls are cleaning Nenene's parents old bedroom to make room to
      stay somewhere else besides the woman's living room. -.-;; Anita and
      Michelle split that room while Maggie opts for the storage closet
      for a place to sleep as there isn't enough room anyway. Nenene
      decides to leave her 'bodyguards' behind while she makes a trip to
      Kanda to see Lee her editor in the Chiyoda District. Nenene meets an
      author there who is her age who is only now being published. The
      sisters decide that she should be under their protection anyway
      (anyone seeing some commonality in the episodes besides me?) and set
      out to find her. They discover that this is right beside the
      Jinbouchou - the district KNOWN for its books...many many
      bookstores. Michelle calls an 'independent activity' period to
      search for Nenene and goes on a buying rampage with a credit card
      (going so far as to buy out an entire bookstore). Anita in the
      meantime (not liking books anyways) actually finds Nenene walking
      into a building and watches her going down on the elevator. To her
      astonishment the elevator does not have a basement button but a
      little paper trick and she makes the elevator malfunction to go down
      anyway to find (dun dun dunnnnn) Toto Books. Trying to stay hidden
      and knocking down a book, Anita reaches down to pick it up. Another
      girl, approximately her age grabs it and starts to speak before
      Anita shushes her and tells her to take it anyway. Ignoring the hard
      stare, Anita turns to see where Nenene is and then turns back to see
      the girl is completely out of sight. Nenene catches her and they
      head back upstairs. She then takes Anita to Yomiko's old place and
      shows her around then they head back downstairs. The book vendors
      all have stalls set up and are all abuzz that their 'number one
      customer' is back in town. Nenene is excited, but then she finds
      that it was only Michelle and is even *more* frustrated at the money
      wasted...The episode ends as the little girl seen in Toto Books
      enters a car. She has a mysterious conversation and the car rolls
      down the road.

      Well sheesh another 'little action' episode but I'm really happy to
      see the familiar surroundings of the OVA once again. The more I
      think about it the more I think that Yomiko might *actually* make a
      comeback for more than just being in a picture in Nenene's
      locket...hmm wait even more reasons for such in next episode. Oh
      yeah...and Maggie is adorable. ^.^;;

      Episode 4 - ****WARNING SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW****
      Nenene orders that Anita will go to a middle school to keep the
      other neighbors from being suspicious. When Anita goes, she ends up
      becoming quite popular. She's very good at translation thanks to her
      sisters (good for English class), she's good at sports (spikes a
      volleyball right into the little sister of the author that Nenene
      met in Lee's office the day before), and enjoys being with the
      classmate she's seated next to. There is, of course, one particular
      boy who picks on her and it is implied that they like each other by
      the other students, which annoys both of them to no end. A teacher
      pulls her aside and notes that she must join a club as a requirement
      and she chooses to join whatever club Hisa-chan (the girl who was
      sitting next to her in class) is in. She is somewhat chagrined to
      find she is in the library club, but is more than willing to 'grin
      and bear it' for her new friend. A man named Richard enters the
      library and heads to a particular set of shelves somewhat hidden
      from where the main desk is (IE where the girls are). He sets down
      and opens a briefcase which on the inside has the markings of the
      Royal British Library's Division of Special Operations (aka DIET)
      and pulls a book from the shelf. He is then shot several times
      making noise enough that the girls come to see what the problem was.
      Anita tells Hisa-chan to run to get help and Richard hands her the
      book, telling her to protect it. His hand is shot through even as he
      hands the book to her and Anita is forced to dodge several following
      shots. The library litterally ends up overflowing with literature as
      Anita attempts to defend herself, in the meantime noticing that it
      was indeed another child as young as herself (we as the watcher
      recognize her as the girl she'd seen in Toto Books). She throws a
      smokebomb and escapes to a waiting car. The boy who had been teasing
      Anita earlier had noticed that Anita was using the paper as a weapon
      as he'd looked in the window. Now in the car, the girl is reporting
      to her superior...who we find to be Joker-san (who it should be
      noted had requested to not be called that)...and orders the girl
      to 'complete her mission' of retrieving the book and reporting back
      periodically on the paper sisters.

      Okay....ummm...wow. Firstly - <GASP> Anita has a personality!
      Well...a budding one anyway...actually I will admit she is starting
      to grow on me a little. She's got a kind of spunk I remember having
      at that age - though I usually got to be LESS popular because of it
      heh. And hey! I was short too...well I still am but still. LOL
      Anyways - the big hitter here was Joker I think. Why would he order
      a hit on a fellow member of DIET? This is not a situation as in the
      OVAs where Ms. Deep was ordered to get a book and then Yomiko just
      so happened to pick it up instead sort of thing. And to asked to not
      be addressed as Joker...perhaps even being called Mr. Carpenter as
      was mentioned in the mysterious conversation at the end of episode
      3. And to think...this is serious. We're talking bullets and blood
      here. Has Joker gone rogue or is my mind out of whack...

      Oh...and as usual...Maggie is adorable!! <squeals like a fangirl
      then abruptly bangs her head against the desk to get herself to stop>

      ****END SPOILERS****

      Whee...and now that I've been writing this for the past half an hour
      between refrencing the episodes I think I might go do something
      *else* now LOL

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