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Re: Sailormoon Live TV seies and comics

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  • shenotski
    Hope you don t lose your voice again. I really don t want to see anymore live action versions of any other animated shows. *Recalls masters of the universe*
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 1, 2003
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      Hope you don't lose your voice again. I really don't want to see
      anymore live action versions of any other animated shows. *Recalls
      masters of the universe* *Shivers*

      > Yeah. Hmph. I'm on four panels and doing two focus groups. And we
      > a table in the DR. The exhaustion sets in just thinking about it.
      > Cheers,
      > Erica
    • Kaioh Michiru
      As a hopelessly incurable Moonie, I thought I d fine tune a little bit of the information that was posted about the live-action series. It s only got one of
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 4, 2003
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        As a hopelessly incurable Moonie, I thought I'd fine tune a little
        bit of the information that was posted about the live-action series.

        It's only got one of the SeraMyu actresses on the cast - and she
        isn't one of the senshi - she is simply Naru-chan (Molly, in the evil
        dub), Usagi's best friend. The actress, for anyone who is interested
        is Kawabe Chieko and she played Sailor Mercury for Translyvania no
        Mori Kaiteban, Death Vulcan, Black Lady, Black Lady Kaiteban, and Ai
        no Sanctuary (from Jan 2, 2001-March 31, 2002). The others are mainly
        new actresses, and if anyone is interested I can call up the names.
        The story and costumes are actually following the Manga - and the
        first episode begins with Sailor V fighting Tuxedo Kamen. There's
        also been no casting of Chibiusa - the story so far is just a
        somewhat updated telling of the first season... and again, it does
        seem to be sticking to the manga storyline.

        Also of a little interest - the communicators are now cell phones and
        instead of henshin pens we have watches. Also, Luna is a stuffed toy.
        (Who, yes, DOES go CGI.)

        The comics are being re-released with new covers drawn by Naoko
        Takeuchi, and supposedly some things are being added - including some
        colored pages, free stickers and there are more pages per book. There
        are only going to be 12 volumes to the series, rather than 18. The
        first two are being released on September 22 - and the covers seem to
        feature Sailor Moon and then Sailor Mercury. After these, one new
        volume is going to be released each month. ALSO, the manga name is
        being changed to the same title as the live-action series - Pretty
        Guardian Sailor Moon.

        Source for the information on the manga:

        If any of this has already been mentioned, I apologize. ^_^


        --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "Erica Friedman" <alecto_fury@h...>
        > http://sailormoon.channel.or.jp/
        > Let me just put that there straight off, so I don't have to answer
        > inevitable, "Can you send me th link, because I can't think
        straight enough
        > to use Google" question.
        > This Saturday at the unodly hour of 7:30, a bazillion little girls,
        > dressed up like the Senshi, will be watching the new live-action
        Sailor Moon
        > TV show. It's starring actresses from the live-action Sera Myu
        musicals, so
        > we can be pretty sure what we're in for. Sadly, for Outer fans like
        > it looks exclusively Inners and Chibi-Usa.
        > Of more interest to me than the live action show is the revised
        comics by
        > Takeuchi-sensei.
        > The website calls it "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Renewal" and the
        > thing says it' a new 21st century story...whatever that means.
        > http://sailormoon.channel.or.jp/index6.html
        > I'm not quite sure if it's just a new edition of the old comic and
        a new
        > thing, or just the old version redone. I'll let you know!
        > I like the bit on the ad that says, "On sale now - let's get to the
        > Cheers,
        > Erica
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