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Re: Ikkitousen 8

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  • atheniag
    ... While i enjoyed the ehell out this scene, I don t agree. Ryoufu is just too self-sbasorbed. She she s Chinkyuu as a fixture in her life. I think when she
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22, 2003
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      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, "shirobara12" <shirobara12@y...>
      > This time, Ryofu and Chinkyuu are the stars of the episode. :)
      > From the first scene, when they wake up together, sharing a bed,
      > naked and in each other's arms, they completely steal
      > the viewer's attention. Later we learn they have been together
      > since childhood, all sweet and love-love, and Chinkyuu confesses
      > that it's great that destiny has it that they will stay together
      > until death do them part, but that even if it wasn't so her
      > feelings for Ryofu would be the same... :) Y'know, I think these
      > two can be considered an official couple from now on, Ryofu's
      > dalliances with other boys and girls have zero importance,
      > Chinkyuu is her one true love! :)

      While i enjoyed the ehell out this scene, I don't agree. Ryoufu is
      just too self-sbasorbed. She she's Chinkyuu as a fixture in her life.

      I think when she asked the question of Chinkyuu, it was more of "I
      don't really appreciate you - I barely pay attention to you, why do
      you serve me with such loyalty?"

      I liked Chinkyuu's answer very much. I think she nailed it, when she
      said, that it was her destiny, but she didn't care about that.

      But...if you watch Ryoufu while Chinkyuu answers, she's barely
      listening - she's caught up in her own struggle. And *that's* why I
      don't think that Chinkyuu is Ryoufu's true love, even if it's the
      other way around.

      I added Chinkyuu to "The List" at the last update, but not Ryoufu.

      > Besides, Saji and Ryomou are evidently going towards official
      > coupledom too, and, as for Toutaku, he is soon going to hell!

      Not soon enough. I kind of hope that Kaku betrays him, though to save
      her own ass. I like a good weasel. LOL

      > (I hope... as soon as Ryofu gets her hands on him, with any
      > luck...) One thing I'm surprised about is Ryomou's role,
      > I thought she was going to be a more important character but
      > she's being played as just a jobber: every time they want
      > to show us how tough some new character is, they send Ryomou
      > to lose to him or her... sigh... but it's alright because I like
      > Ryofu better anyway!! ;) I don't care what happens with Ryomou's
      > fights as long as they give us lots of Ryofu/Chinkyuu!! :)

      I had hoped that Ryomou would be a biger player. If they are going to
      make her suborn herself to Saji, I'll be deeply unhappy. I don't mind
      them as a couple, but the thought of Ryomou playing second fiddle to a
      middling fighter such as Saji pisses me off.


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