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here is a link to a couple of fan fics that i have wrote.

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  • jason
    if anyone wnats to read them and comment then cool if not, not a big deal. i just thought that i would post them and see what you all though of my madness. i
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2003
      if anyone wnats to read them and comment then cool if not, not a big
      deal. i just thought that i would post them and see what you all
      though of my madness. i know sevral others on here have done the
      writing thing before.

      this is for dragons new love the story i wrote with a demo derby in
      it....go fig.

      this one is for jadites resume to the emipire from star wars.

      thats what i have right now and i think i might p[ut up the first
      draft of a coupl;e of others things i have been working on for a
      while now also. anyone else wnats to read them and let me know what
      you think i would love you for it man.....

      i have also tossed in a copy first draft of something im working on
      right now and its still rough. can anyone tell which anime and tv
      series this one crosses.....

      Speedlines: Enter the Gigiin

      By: Jason Walters

      A small roadside cafe in Akina.
      A well known white FC is parked in the parking lot and its owner
      is sitting in the cafe in a booth looking out the window sipping a
      cup of coffee. "The Email was most unuasal asking me to meet
      me hear about my project D racing team. It is stange to be asked to
      meet in Akina of all places."
      he thinks to himself with a chuckle. He starts looking around as a
      loud noice can be heard outside as a motorcycle pulls into the
      parking lot outside.
      "Nice bike. The way it sounds it must be an importand with all the
      chrome it can only be a Harley Davison." Ryo says As the rider parks
      the bike and walks inside. Once in the door The rider dressed in
      black leather from head to toe stops to take of thier helmet off. A
      tumble of long brown cascades down from the helmet as she tosses it
      over her sholder and looks around for a moment spotting Ryo.
      As she walks up to him he gets a much better look at her and she
      was rather tall with long brown hair with hints of grey in it and the
      women being in her early 50's and looked very much like an
      amirican. "Good Evening sir, you wouldn't happen to be Mr. Tashi
      would you?" She saysStanding in front of his table.
      "Yes, that is who I am. And may I ask you might be madam?" he asks.
      "My name is Dasiy Duke, I contacted you sevral weeks ago about
      meeting you tonight to discuss
      your Project D racing team. Thank you for coming to met me tonight."
      She says sliding into the booth across from him and waving for the
      "Well, Miss Duke, it is nice to meet me after getting your emails
      asking about me team. But what can i do for you by this meeting.' he
      says eyeing her over.
      "I have been following you career for the past couple of years and
      it has intrested me since I first heard about you being one of the
      best street racers in this perfect. You had a unbeaten record unitl
      last summer when you where beat by Akina's 86. I have been following
      all of your teams races so far this season and I would like to get
      the chance to challange your best driver to a race." she says looking
      at the menu. She gives the waitress her oder as Ry sittes watching
      "Well Miss Duke, which driver would that be?" He says deep in
      thought. "Both my brother and Tak are the best we have on the team."
      "Only one driver on your team has not been beaten. the only time
      you could say he lost was last year when he blew the motor in his 86.
      But he later came back to beat the driver who beat him then.
      I would like to race Tak on his home course down Akina. I have heard
      that he does not want to race on Akina again. But I would like to get
      the chance to race him there since asking him to race on my home
      course would be very hard since you guys would have to come to Hazard
      county in the US. The other thing that would be different is that we
      have no mountains to race down. We have lost of dirt roads that we
      run on." she says glancing out the window watching the traffic flow
      by out on the highway.
      "I must say, you have been gaining a rep on the streets since you
      starting showing up with that red, white, and blue 3rd genration 1995
      Chevy Camero Z28 that you have been using. There are only a few of
      thouse types of cars here in Japan. The car is very well thought out
      to the lay out of the mods you have done to it. But the one thing I
      have to ask is why do you have the name Uncle Jessie painted on the
      roof." he says taking out a picture from his pocket and setting it
      down on the table. The picture is of said Camero with her behind the
      wheel drifting though a courner racing agaist a WRX.
      "The name comes from my uncle who I lived with most of my life as a
      kid and young adult. He died a couple of years ago and the car was
      named after him by my cousin Bo. He is also the one that had the car
      built for me with the help of his race car shop when he heard that I
      was getting a job in japan and thought that I should have a race car
      of my own and to make up for the car that him and cousin Luke wreaked
      about 20 years ago or so. He is involved in NASCAR and with the help
      of race shop he built the car for me. The car has a 383 cubic inch
      strocker motor putting out around 500 horse power backed up by 6
      speed trans. the suspion has been made bulletproof to take into
      account the style of racing I might have been doing and the family
      style of dealing with the local law.
      The car also the crash cage and a body kit to help with the aero
      package. Its a very good car but its doesn't quite compare to the
      last member of our family that we had though." she says with a far a
      way look on her face remerbering the past.
      "And was that if I may ask was that?" Ry asks sipping his tea.
      "It was a race car that my cusions toyed around qutie a lot with
      before they both went into NASCAR." she says.
      "How long where involved in racing?" he asks with a raised eyebrow.
      "The first time was only one season before they had tocome back to
      the farm. A few years later my cosion Bo went back and is still
      working on the circirt." she says sipping her tea and looking out the
      "So Miss Duke, what type of race where you wanting to do agaist my
      team?" Ry asks looking her in the eye.
      "First off, call me Daisy please. It's my name and I don't want
      this to be quite so formal since all of you are young enough to be my
      children." she says with a laugh.
      "Alright Daisy, when would you like to race and what type os meet
      would you like?" he asks.
      "The race will have to be in 2 weeks unless you have something
      planned then for your racing team. I am going to be out of the
      country next weekend so I will not be able to ask to race then. I
      would like one race downhill on Akine and should we look to start at
      10:00pm?" she says.
      "I think I can work out something and we shall be there. If
      anything comes up I will email you during the week and keep in touch
      that way." he says finishing his coffee. "If you will excuse me I
      have some people to speak to since I am here in town and I need to be
      going then." he says getting up and leaving.
      "Thank you and I will talk to you later and thanks again Ry for
      your time." She says as he walks past and out the door." She says and
      watchs as he walks out and gets into his car and drives off. "Well,
      it looks I will be doing that tuning this week on my surprize package
      that I had planed. The 86 is not going to know what hit it. Ry is
      thinking that I am going to use my Camreo." She says in a wisper and
      lets out a soft chuckle. With that she gets up and leaves.

      2 weeks later on Saterday night at 9:30pm.
      "Well, where is this women that is to race Tak?" Kei says leaning
      agaist the van that the Project D uses to carry spare parts and tires
      while his brother sits in the drivers deat doing something on his
      laptop computer. "The gallerys are packed very full and it seems that
      evryone has shone up to watch this Gigan women who is in her 50's
      race agaist the best driver in this part of Japan. I thought that she
      would have been here by now." he says taking a puff from his cigeret
      "I talked to her this moring and she promised me that she would be
      here in time for the race and said she had to pick something up
      before hand. She has decided to use the same tactic that Tak has used
      many times showing up just before the race time. This time I think
      things are going to be worth the wait to see how much trouble she is
      going to be agaist Tak." Ry says without looking up from the screen.
      "Well, I do hope she shows up though cause it be a bad thing to
      challange us and then not show up to race." Kei says taking a last
      puff from his cigeret and tossing it on the ground and watching the
      people gathered at the top of Akina. Membersof the Speed Stars where
      talking to Tak and Iggy was being annoying as usasl and many people
      where talking about where this new driver might be.
      About 5 minutes to 10:00 is about to call it a night when from the
      direction of the lake comes the sound of a car coming towards the the
      place where all the races start. A horn gets sounded that echo's off
      the side of the moutain. Everyone takes notice as the sounds of the
      car gets closer everyone gets the first look at it and there are many
      gasps as the car turns out to be the Genral Lee. The car pulls to a
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