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Re: [Yuricon] For those who troll Japanese CG sites...

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... The question, of course, must be But, why? Even though the answer is, Why not? ... It s not that extreme a scene at all. You d be disappointed. Mina s
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2003
      >From: "Sean Gaffney" <sean@...>

      >Yes, there is an Air Master search page. :-D

      The question, of course, must be "But, why?" Even though the answer is, "Why

      >--who likes Erica's description of Mina date raping Maki, but
      >--is still avoiding the AM manga due to UGLY ART. ^^;;

      It's not that extreme a scene at all. You'd be disappointed. Mina's just a
      very senseitive girl. In a few particular places, especially.

      Miori (Maki's little sister) does manage to come in and find the two of them
      naked in bed, although Maki's asleep, Mina looks adorably um, fresh-faced.

      In fact, Miori thinks about that particular scene when, Miori comes in on
      Sakamoto Juliet (the tall dude in the purple suit) pretty much trying again
      to rape Maki. Miori runs after Dad and the two of them come back to freak
      out at Maki (on the assumption that she's "doing it" with Sakamoto.)

      By the time they get there, Maki's beaten the living daylights out of
      Sakamoto, prompting the comment, "I think he's dead." from Maki.

      Dad freaks anyway, 'cause he's a Dada and asks if she's still a virgin..to
      which she replies yes. At which Miori makes a face and recalls the scene
      from several days earlier and doubts that answer strongly. :-)

      It turns out that there's 18 volumes, so I'm one short. But through what
      I've seen, I'd argue that by vol. 13 or so, Maki and Mina are definitely a
      couple. Maki is very sweet and protective of Mina, and Mina is a little
      horny toad. LOL Even asks Maki to a hotel blatantly at least once.



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