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  • shane Jayell
    Well, well... I m looking forward to seeing that! Should be interesting. I like the cover, too. Shane :) ... =====
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 20, 2003
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      Well, well... I'm looking forward to seeing that!
      Should be interesting. I like the cover, too.

      Shane :)

      > Message: 3
      > Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 04:05:25 -0400
      > From: "Kathryn Williams"
      > <neko_haruka@...>
      > Subject: New Manga! Maybe,,,,
      > Hi hi again,
      > During the con season I came to realize I've been
      > rather silly. I'm always worried what people will
      > think of my works that it stops me from creating
      > more. but after hearing from alot of you I realize
      > how silly this is.
      > Over the years I've built up a large collection of
      > short scripts of random silliness that have been
      > collection dust in the corner. My roomate has been
      > trying to get me to do something with them but I can
      > never figure out where to put them all. Then the
      > other night I suddenly found myself sketching an
      > image of myself doing what I I'm always doing...
      > working... this image somehow lite a spark in me
      > that goe me really wanting to work on these old
      > scripts. And so "Random Acts of Katness" was born.
      > You can see the cover here:
      > http://www.katandnekomanga.ca/RA/randomacts.00.html
      > I want to get another installment fo the Shadowlands
      > finished before the end of the month (I promised
      > myself a copy of Disgaea if I got more work done
      > before it's release) So depending on how I feel
      > after that I might get more of these scripts
      > sketched or this might beomce another project that
      > I've started and will never finish.
      > Well, Time to scann the next installment of the
      > Shadowlands. Hope you all enjoyed the current one.
      > jaa ne
      > Kat


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