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This month's rare and wonderful shoujoai find

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  • Erica Friedman
    I had a banner weekend - got lot s of writing in (I still type very slowly, and have to take long breaks, but I m getting there) and managed to get over to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
      I had a banner weekend - got lot's of writing in (I still type very slowly,
      and have to take long breaks, but I'm getting there) and managed to get over
      to Book-Off where I snagged several good shoujoai manga for upcoming

      But the rare find I found was by far and away, the best: a collection of
      short stories by the mangaka of Vampire Princess Miyu, Yui and Dahlia, and
      Juline. I kind of like her art, despite the fact that I have no idea what
      I'm looking at half the time. The collection is called "Utahime Fight" and
      consists of three stories.

      The first story is a silly fantasy about three siblings (two girls and a
      boy) and some magical power from their music.

      The third story is a fantasy romance about a boy who sees a snow fairy, who
      then comes to his school as a student.

      But the second story, called "Keep Trust" is about two girls. In this story,
      they end up being somehow transported into the plot of a popular movie that
      stars a boy pop idol that the one girl, Majika, finds attractive. But he's
      barely in the story. The story is much more about Majika's ability to love
      and believe in others (much like Usagi and Tohru, Majika is a classic shoujo
      heroine). Ultimately, Majika confesses her feelings to hard-hearted
      Yamamoto. Yamamoto eventually melts and at the end, says that she feels the
      same way.

      This is not a ground-breaking story - just a little sweet thing - but it was
      cute. So, if you're out looking for a find, look for Utahime, by Kakinouchi



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