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Re: SnB as a Manga, not was Re: [Yuricon] Any possibilities of more Yuriko?

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  • kun
    ... I believe that s the most though s I ve ever seen in one email... Kun
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 31, 2003
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      > cant wait to see anything on yki that gets published though...she is
      > so cool though and the stories are neat to read though.....
      > good luck on getting your arm in much better shgape though....by the
      > way which arm was it?
      > im sure there where a few things that must have been hard to do
      > though if its the hand you write with though....some comments more
      > perveted then thers come to mind though.
      > by good luck with the torture seasions though, at least thats what my
      > grnadmother called them when she had to do it....and my
      > mother....when they had problems though.....

      I believe that's the most 'though's I've ever seen in one email...

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