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Re: [Yuricon] Azumanga Daioh characters as con staff

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  • Renee
    *laughs* too cute Erica Friedman wrote:I m forwarding this from a list where anime con chairs hang out and share ... From: Widya
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 4, 2003
      *laughs* too cute

      Erica Friedman <alecto_fury@...> wrote:
      I'm forwarding this from a list where anime con chairs hang out and share
      ideas...this is what happens when your brain is on con too much:

      -------Original Message-------
      From: Widya Santoso
      Sent: 07/03/03 11:10 PM
      Subject: [ACML] [NOISE] Azumanga Daioh characters as con staff

      >Just because I was idle and had nothing better to
      do (and it sucks to be home on Expo weekend), I
      started thinking how the Azumanga Daioh cast
      would fare as con staff:

      Yomi - the hard-working con chair.  Smart,
      resourceful and intelligent, she usually is the
      first everyone goes to for advice.  Worries about
      her weight though.

      Chiyo - vice chair.  As smart as Yomi, but lacking
      experience.  Gets flustered a lot.  Otherwise
      everyone likes her.

      Sakaki - security, because she looks tough, but
      possibly not really security material.  Collection
      being taken up to make her dress up as a sailor
      though.  Kind to cats.  Cats not kind to her.  Wants
      con to be pet friendly but hotel not amenable to
      this policy.

      Kagura - not really senior staff material, but above
      gofer level too, she usually does the footwork and
      organises things at floor level (putting out chairs,
      getting water pitchers, arranging schedules.)  Not
      very good with technical matters, which is why she
      is doing the sound board this year.

      Tomo - friend of chair.  Decided to tag along when
      Yomi decided to join the con.  Loud, brash and
      incessant, she fancies herself an ideas person but
      is less likely to follow through when it comes to
      put her ideas into action.  Disaster as guest
      liaison last year, which is why she is in charge of
      the green room this year.  Bugs Yomi A LOT.

      Kaorin - Sakaki's second, but she is even less
      considered security material than Sakaki (at least
      Sakaki looks the part.)  Does nice costumes though.
      Follows Sakaki around.

      Osaka - no one knows what she does.  She has some
      undefined position, but no one, not even Yomi, knows
      what it is.  She is (relatively) harmless though, so
      no one bothers her.  She comes up with 'game
      breaking home run' ideas which no one takes



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