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Re: Observations (Warning: Novel Length. Print and Read in Bathroom;)

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  • jason
    i didnt print it out and take it to the bathrrom to read but i did reat it in the computer room at the local college though when i was online the other
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2003
      i didnt print it out and take it to the bathrrom to read but i did
      reat it in the computer room at the local college though when i was
      online the other day...cool reading though about all the maddness
      that was the con....sigh...wish i could have gone......

      --- In Yuricon@yahoogroups.com, Chalcahuite <ximatl@i...> wrote:
      > Well, I'm glad that somebody actually read all that. I think in
      hindsight, I
      > should probably have posted it in a couple smaller posts.
      > I'm glad to have helped in some small way to get you out of your
      > Donna and I are going to Otakon and I think that's it for this
      year. So
      > we'll see where we end up next year.
      > --= =--
      > Serge
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      > > Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:15:29 -0400
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      > > Subject: Re: [Yuricon] Observations (Warning: Novel Length. Print
      and Read in
      > > Bathroom;)
      > >
      > > I actually read this late at night and it til now for it all to
      sink in...
      > > Part of me is not sure what to say while another part of me want
      to pin this
      > > to the wall to read every now and then. Note: I keep a folder of
      > > letters and remarks because I have nearly no self esteem and it
      is all of
      > > you that keep me going. Truth is I was in a bit of a slump when I
      got to
      > > Yuricon but after talking to a few of you my mind was fired up
      and ready to
      > > go again. I'm giving myself until after Pride to get back to work
      > > orders... he want me to take a vaction for once so I plan to
      party all week
      > > long >^_^<)
      > >
      > > Now back to your overveiw:
      > >
      > >> As we were heading back down, I spotted Kat, said hi, and soon
      we were in
      > > a
      > >> conversation, and met Drew when he wandered by during it. We
      ended up
      > >> talking about her panels and how she is very honest in her
      critiques, and
      > >> how she discovered 8 points of perspective, and how everyone
      should suffer
      > >> through art school, because she did ;), and other things I don't
      > >> remember, but it was all very interesting.
      > >
      > > Ahh, yes, I think I remember that day now. LOL
      > >
      > >> I remember going to check out Kat's GOH panel after that, and
      she talked
      > >> about her experiences at cons in general and her experiences in
      > > industry
      > >> and events that led up to that very moment and she asked why we
      were all
      > > so
      > >> interested in hearing her talk. Which was a very good question,
      one that I
      > >> thought about for a while, before deciding on an answer late
      Sunday night,
      > >> and she was well on her way back to Toronto. I can't really
      articulate it
      > >> clearly yet, but I will eventually.
      > >
      > > I'm truly amazed that I don't bore everyone to death with my
      ramblings at
      > > times. I'm glad everyone found the panel interesting *grins*
      > >
      > >> Kat agreed with everything but that last bit after being
      flustered by all
      > >> the praise heaped on her by Erica and reminisced about how this
      all got
      > >> started.
      > >
      > > Which reminds me did anyone record that or something. I want to
      be able to
      > > atleast read over Erica's words again. Truthfully I don't beleive
      that I
      > > deserved that much praise and can't believe some of what she
      said. I left in
      > > sort of a daze. (Still am in a daze.. feels like it was all a
      > >
      > >> The Opening Ceremonies were short, so we had time before the
      next events
      > > so
      > >> we hit the dealer's room, and basically window shopped. There
      was a bunch
      > > of
      > >> things that caught our eye and we decided we'd spend money on
      > >> Afterwards, we decided to split up. I would check out Alien 9
      and Donna
      > >> would check out the Drag Show. Unfortunately the Drag Show
      didn't happen,
      > >> for a lack of participants, I think, and we both ended up
      checking out
      > > Alien
      > >> 9. This was awesome in the truest sense of the word. This is
      another must
      > >> own, but for entirely different reasons. I urge everyone on this
      list to
      > > buy
      > >> the DVD when it is released, and if you haven't picked up the
      manga, yet,
      > >> you should. Kat can and will talk at length about this series,
      and believe
      > >> me, you will not be disappointed. (And if you are there's
      something wrong
      > >> with you. ;)
      > >
      > > Yeah, A9 is something else. Thanks Kun for showing it twice
      >^_^< Looked
      > > like I didn't have to say much because most of you had already
      heard about
      > > it from my talks on the ML. Oh, I talked with CPM and they are
      trying to get
      > > eh new installment of the Manga "Alien 9 - The Emulator" Yippy!!!
      more A9
      > >> ^_^<
      > >
      > >> Details get a little fuzzy at this point, but I remember moving
      to the
      > > table
      > >> as Kat held court, Gina and Renee were there as well as someone
      I don't
      > >> think I met. Kat talked about how her life is a shoujo manga,
      her work,
      > > how
      > >> Canada is infinitely more socially progressive than the US and
      > >> shoujo-ai until the sun came up, literally. It was all very
      > >> I think I can articulate why I think people want to hear you
      speak. You
      > > have
      > >> lived a life that is vastly different than mine and that colors
      and shapes
      > >> your world view. This difference in perspective and your courage
      > >> perseverance over the horrors and fears in your life is, I
      think, what
      > > draws
      > >> people, like myself, in. After listening to you speak, I have
      nothing but
      > >> admiration and respect for you, and I think everyone who hears
      you speak
      > >> comes to the same conclusion.
      > >
      > > *blushes* Not to sure what to say after that. *scratches her
      head* Thank you
      > >> ^_^< Glad I helped make you weekend a memorable one *grins*
      > >
      > > Hope to see you at another con in the future.
      > >
      > > jaa ne
      > >
      > > Kat
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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