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Re: [Yuricon] Woohoo!!! Hana no Asuka-gumi 2003!!!

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  • Erica Friedman
    ... After more than an hour of further research (thank you Asuka comics for having a crappy site) it looks like it s being published in the seasonal specials
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2003
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      >From: Trixterpriest@...

      >And you don't have it yet? Is it coming out in tanks or being released in
      >a compilation book? Perhaps, if we're really lucky it'll come to the
      >states now that it's going to be a current manga =^.^=

      After more than an hour of further research (thank you Asuka comics for
      having a crappy site) it looks like it's being published in the seasonal
      "specials" for Asuka comics. Since Asahiya is closed, and Kinokuniya is more
      trouble than it's worth placing an order, it looks like I'll be getting them
      from our buyer in Japan. I just ordered the Winter Special and I'll have to
      send them a note to get me the Spring Special that went on sale last week.
      Kind of a drag, but totally worth it. I'm rereading the old series again,
      and loving it even more this time.

      Chapter One - girl comes from the provinces to find her sister, only to
      learn that sis is a lesbian cross-dresser at a host bar and has run away to
      Yokohama with another woman. Girl gets absorbed by the evils of the
      city...Asuka established as cool, worldly, yet passionate character. We meet
      Miko, my fave character.

      Chapter Two - Girl is being abused by classmates, follows Asuka around
      Shinjuku after watching her beating up by older girl gang. Asuka
      uninterested, girl gets abused again, Asuka does nothing. We learn that
      Asuka was, 6 months ago, commander of the Left at Zenchuu Ura "school."

      Chapter Three-Five - Girl comes to big city to break into show business,
      gets drugged, raped and blackmailed instead. Asuka helps her get negatives
      of the photos back. Local gang leader falls in love w/Asuka, girl hero
      worships Asuka and gets to share a bed with her, lucky dog.
      At the end of the last chapter, mysterious figure of Hibari-sama commands
      her "Council of Ten" to destroy Asuka. The masked Kurenai vows to do so. We
      get to see hunky Kazuga for the first time. LOL We also meet The Nishiku
      Omoteban group (Miko's gang) and Hime, her second, who is my second favorite

      What's not to like in this series? :-) It's utterly whack. And the whole
      Hibari organization is FINALLY starting to make sense...



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