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Re: [Yuricon] Re: do yuri relationships have to be canon?

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  • Shannon Stricof
    Makes alot of sense actually. -Shannon Ami, the other conversation stopper Johnathan Davis wrote:Here I am to end another
    Message 1 of 9 , Feb 25, 2003
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      Makes alot of sense actually.

      -Shannon Ami, the other conversation stopper

       Johnathan Davis <BenalishSiward@...> wrote:

      Here I am to end another perfectly good discussion on this list.
      (I've learned everytime I respond to something, everyone stops talking about
      it.  And I've also learned that if I bring something up or do a report,
      noone comments.  Oh, well, the life of pretty much the only male

      At the Katsucon 9 Yaoi/Yuri panel, we had a pretty heated discussion on the
      topic of Canon and non-Canon Yaoi/Yuri couples.  And we had many for "Canon
      Only" and many for "non-Canon, please."

      I put down my opinion, which is (as I believe it to be) pragmatic of the
      situation and fairly accomodating for both sides.  Honestly, I think Canon
      coupling should definately be included (thank god for Haruka and Michiru, my
      favorite canon couple of them all, straight or gay).  However, I think that
      if a fic writer can either point out the evidence in the thoughts or
      feelings of the characters, or provide a natural progression, it should be

      Stuff like "Oh, in the series [So and so] gave a slightly positive (if seen
      in the right light) glance at [Other So and so], therefore, they belong
      together" need not apply.  I mean, stuff like growing close during tense
      moments.  Stuff where even adversaries and rivals can grow close, if united
      against a common enemy (most often death).

      I also like the idea of creating a post-story or a story within a series
      that happened between episodes (for those series that don't have a non-stop
      thing, where there are long downtimes), especially if it provides the stage
      for growth within relationships (which'll eventually end up in sex).

      Of course, you can ignore my opinion, but many people who were at the panel
      agreed that if it's REASONABLE or can be MADE reasonable, it can and should
      be done.  Of course, for those who were at my panel...just remember what can
      happen if you ignore my advice.  People will make more PalmerxHeidegger.

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE for the love of Yaoi/Yuri and all things sacred, don't
      let this be the end of discussion.  At lease post an "okay.  we heard you",
      so I know I'm actually alive and not in some weird Lain-knockoff dream
      thinking I'm in the "wired" and hanging with God.

      Johnathan Davis
      (The Chicken Man)

      PS:  Yuricon Staff who were at Katsucon 9, please e-mail me.  I lost your
      e-mails on my transit home from the convention, and I'm looking for
      references so I can do the panel at other cons.

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